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  1. Thanks. I know how to export just the Illumination layer in multi-pass but can I also export everything else but the Illumination layer at once? or would I need to manually choose every property in the multi-pass section for that?
  2. So I want to create an earth and for this I use different textures. To simulate illuminated cities I use an Illumination texture in the luminance property. Now because cities are only illuminated at night obviously I don't want the texture to be visible in parts where the earth is illuminated by lights. Maybe you know about the Orb plugin in after effects. I want to have similar controls like I have there here in C4D.
  3. Yes I am. I wanted to share a screenshot of it but it was not possible to capture the window. The issue happens when it is either set to 30 fps or to "Project".
  4. Hello, in my scene I have an animation. More precisely I have a camera and an animated object. In the scene the frame rate is set to 30 and the frame number is 150 so the scene is 5 seconds long. In the render settings under Output the frame rate is also set to 30, the frame range to "All Frames" (0 to 150). The problem is the exported video (AVI) is 187 frames long, also with 30 frames per second, so the video is over 6 seconds long. Where is the issue here and how to solve it? Thanks
  5. Hello, so I have a sky with an environment texture on it, a ground and a car. I want the sky to only appear in the reflections of the car and not in the reflections of the ground. How do I do that? I can't disable "Seen by reflection" in a Compositing tag on the sky because then the sky doesn't appear in ANY reflections. It should only affect the car. Thanks
  6. Hello, How to create this kind of inner glow or illumination fresnel? I have seen it in Element 3D in After Effects and I'm wondering how you can create it in C4D. Edit: Especially I want to know how it works with glass material (transparent material in general). Thanks
  7. Tysm that was the issue! I was able to put the file shown here into Photoshop and it worked but now there's the normal JPEG. 😄
  8. Tried everything... copying everything, exporting as an obj and importing it into a new project. But I found a fix. For some reason I am able to just put that file into Photoshop and it worked. Thank you anyway, have a nice day!
  9. Don't really know what SP1 is (I'm still new to C4D) but I'm on 23.110. Also I'm just experiencing this issue with this project. Others work for some reason, also with the same export settings.
  10. Hello, when I export as a PNG, TIF or JPEG it's just getting exported as a "file". Haven't tried it with other formats yet. Render setting are showed below. Any fixes? Thanks
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