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  1. Yikes. That actually both clarifies and makes me sad. At least I know what to research. Just really ridicules spending the time on it Thanks for the insight Cerbera!
  2. Tried that Bezo. Geting the "update complete" prompt, but still nothing. No handlers working
  3. Hmm yea - seems like it's not really picking up on handlers: Version issue? OS issue? What OS are you running? Kim
  4. Hey there! Just started playing around with C4D! Loving it so far but I am of course running into weird stuff i cant understand why is happening. Can you help me build some experience with Fold my design..? I have watched a bunch of tuts on the generator. Also i've done som different box planes in Illustrator. Aligned all dots and lines. Made sure all splines are having the same direction etc etc. In short i've tried different approaches but still getting the same result. Or actually: No result. Look at my screen recording here:


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