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  1. Thanks, I tried retargeting and yes, it makes one part of what i'm trying to do, but now the main question is how to merge parts of animation in one) I'll appreciate some advices for this!
  2. Hello! Sry for my stupidness in advance) Can u guys please help me with this. I have rigged model posed in T-pose. I also have a bunch of fbx animations from unity, made for this model. (In Unity u can just drag your prefab and animation will apply). When i export fbx animations to c4d i get only skeleton with green joints. To make it clear i'll use examples. I have 2 animations: "char sits on the knee" and "char holds smth with his arms". I need to take animation of legs and spine from 1st one, and animation of head and arms from 2nd one, combine them and achieve animation, where character sits on the knee and holds a box. My thought is to use motion clips, but i can't really find any information about combining animations from 2 skeletons. Only about mixing mixamo animations to play one after another. Thanks!
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