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  1. HappyPolygon's post in Need Suggestions and Help with a project (Simulation/Dynamics/Animation) was marked as the answer   
    I wouldn't bother with softbodies for this effect. 
    They are slow. They won't behave as you expect. Make a plane, adaptively subdivide it only where it's visible from the cracks.
    Use the Morph Deformer.
    Make two or three Pose Morph tags using the Brush in polygon mode and start pulling artistically as you see fit.

    For the third scene, you may then bake the deformed plane and pop it using softbodies, releasing particles from inside.
  2. HappyPolygon's post in Splines with plain effector not working un cloner with blend mode. was marked as the answer   
    I've tried to make a procedural Field blend using a Loft and the Edge to Spline NoseMan's plugin.

    Use a Correction Deformer to use the Loft as a tool to make any parametric geometry temporarily editable.
    Select only the intermediate edges that makeup the profile of the blending splines and store them in an Edge Selection.
    Feed the selection to the Edge to Spline.

    Warning: Do not change any attributes of the Splines or Loft before deleting the Selection Tag first as it will mess up any stored structure instructions. First delete the Selection, make any changes and then reselect all edges and save them in a new Selection and feed it to the Edge to Spline again.

    There is no way to adjust procedurally the Loft's Mesh Subdivisions V (the corresponding number of clones if that could work). If you want to make things a bit more MoGraph you can still apply Effectors and Deformers to the Loft geometry as long as they do not change the number of points. To break each spline and manipulate them separately as if they where clones use a PolyFX Effector as a child of the Edge to Spline.

    Press play in the demonstration file to see that it works procedurally with the Fields. I animated the Time Offset of the first Plain Effector.
    blending splines.c4d
  3. HappyPolygon's post in https://developers.maxon.net has been down for hours was marked as the answer   
    I think it's back online now.
    I had a similar thread about the online documentation.
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