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  1. Going back to work in Blender. The work in C4D didn't work out, and the expensive tool I bought is no longer useful.
  2. Yes, I make my living doing projects like this sitting here at home, among the scattered toys of children 🙂
  3. Mograph is great. It allows you to make a huge scene quickly. It's a superpower of C4D. The problem is performance. I can't imagine being able to do this project the way I did in Blender: https://youtu.be/A-nS0VNwT6o In Blender I made it in a little over 1 day. With C4D tools, there is a chance to work faster. But it lacks the dexterity, the responsiveness when polygons and objects get more than 10 cubes. I left C4D R 17 for Blender and went back to S24 hoping that now the tipping point, now things will change and now I can work faster. But nothing has changed. The new interface won't allow me to do large projects. I'm just a regular freelancer. But even my modest projects are freezing out C4D. My experience in graphics is over 20 years. I know how to model competently. I don't know what to do next. After all, current trends are asking for more and more detailed scenes. In Blender there is a desire to donate. In C4D I don't want to do it, and I don't want to buy it, much less buy it for such a huge amount of money.
  4. Yesterday I watched Maxon's history - her first decision was a flip of a coin. The coin decided between tables and graphics. Specific choice of solutions laid in the foundation. There's no point in even reporting errors. We just keep working with what Maxon gives us. In general, their course can be defined as "simple and clear ways to solve any graphic problems. So all in all, you can be relaxed.
  5. The price is really enormous. Can someone explain to me why you can't make the price tag affordable? Personally for me the current price is 10-17 times too much. I'm a normal working man, making good money normally. But the price Maxon is charging makes me always think of Blender. Seriously, I'd pay $10 a month. No more than that. Like for Miro, Trello, etc.
  6. Watch the video I recorded. it's one click. it's a great solution that suits everyone.
  7. C4D is good because it is convenient for Wacom users. Unfortunately, it is not convenient for 3DConnexion users, but that's another conversation.
  8. Another important detail in the interface - replacing drop-down lists with buttons. It saves a second when you know exactly which plane you should select. And when you don't know which option you want, it saves seconds. And if you count how many times a day you need to press these lists, it adds up a huge amount of time which may add up to a solid amount of time in a year. Which in terms of money ... Curious to make statistics - how much time/money can be saved by the new interface? https://skr.sh/vA3Xpan9CwS
  9. There was a question a few pages earlier "to whom novelties are suitable for real work". Me! I just saw a major trump card revealing the power to work: https://skr.sh/vA3243g1i66 I will finally be able to put together my panel with my blanks. This is space! Asset Manager is the reason I switched from Blender to C4D.
  10. the new interface is more compact - you will work faster once you get used to it. a lot of points have really been put in better places in the interface. but you have to fix a lot of things that don't work and Maxon screwed up here. I came from Blender 2 months ago. I felt that s24 was the tipping point and now it's time for C4D. Now I see that Maxon is not changing. I've been familiar with them since version 9. Always the updates have been perplexing and frustrating. Maxon never listens to users. However, you can't work in Blender with its horrible Cycles+Filmic, you can't get over using the horrible outliner. Maxon will continue to reap the rewards of good decisions made long ago. But C4D isn't worth the money Maxon is asking for it when Blender is around. It's only a matter of time before geonodes grows into an addon that replicates most of the functionality of Mograf. And with the release of that addon, things could change.
  11. It would be better if they redrew the interface of Modo.
  12. What do you like about this renderer?
  13. Unsupported versions are downloaded from torrents
  14. I've been using C4D for many years now, and I've used a lot of plugins, but I've never encountered a problem of this nature. I have a separate Numpad and a desire to make 10 circular menus on the numbers. I had similar functionality in Blender through the Pie Menu Editor addon and I know about the power of circular menus. https://skr.sh/s9Y52Gh3ofm
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