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  1. For anyone interested, I have a C4D project with all the blend-shapes that Moves by Maxon uses. That is possibly useful if you want to figure out what all the different blend-shapes are and what they do. Or in case you want to make your own model with similar shapes Face blendshapes.c4d.zip
  2. So, In the latest version of C4D (2023), Moves seems to be working again. That's great to hear. They also have an update on the app for IOS. I don't have an I phone myself to test it though. The object capture from pictures option in the Moves app works only on a mac and OS 12 or higher. Not on Windows.
  3. I got a response from maxon Support: This is a known issue with Moves that requires an update to fix. Unfortunately the only workaround for this issue right now is to use Cinema 4D R23 until our developers are able to fix it in a future update. You can keep an eye on our Release Notes page, below, to see if a future update contains this fix: https://support.maxon.net/hc/en-us/categories/4405723856402 I gave it a try in R23 Re-importing the capture in r23 seems to work, and opening that project again in R26 seems to resolve that issue. The blend shapes are animating and accessible.
  4. Most tutorials for this plugin seem to be of a some what older version. In the tutorials there is a blendshape tab where all the blendshapes percentages are readable. I'd like to use these to control a different rig. In my project the animation seems to be present, but all the values are zero all the time. Does anyone know what might cause that? I'm using C4D r26.014 I can't figure out how to recude the project below 2 mb to upload it. I've borrowed an Iphone to test this plugin, so I can't make a new capture.
  5. The settings of the render region are the offset from each side, not the absolute pixel position. In your example the render region would be smaller than possible, so it probably defaults to full frame. If I understand your project you might want to try these settings: left border: 960 top border: 600 right border: 0 bottom border: 0 This will render a rectangular part of 960x480 pixels in the right bottom corner
  6. Hello I'm trying to use mixamo for animation in unreal engine. The fbx files coming from mixamo all have naming formatting like "mixamorig:Hips". When I export fbx from C4D it renames the objects to "mixamorig_Hips". AFAIK Unreal uses object names to recognize similar hierarchies . Is there a way to prevent that.? I'd rather not have to reexport all mixamo files just for a naming error.
  7. Selecting 1 poly and then U-W doesn't seen to work for me all the time, especially when the islands are very similar. But, double clicking with the live selection tool works for me. Thank for that info.
  8. I've noticed that the select connected tool (u-w) works slightly different in the UV editor window than in the viewport. in the viewport it selects all connected geometry. In the UV window it seems to select UV islands if they are not overlapping. But if the UV-islands are overlapping and the geometry is connected it selects all the connected geometry. Is there a way to select a single uv island?
  9. You're right, I see. Other dynamic elements like cloth or dynamics do render correctly when only rendering a single frame later in the sequence. Interestingly enough, adding a null object with a collider tag does make the tracer evaluate from the beginning. Solving my issue! Thanks for pointing me in that direction.
  10. Thanks, that is clear. I am sure that once, long ago, Cinema did evaluate the whole animation from the start before rendering a single frame. That might be more than 10 versions ago though. I can't figure out how to cache a tracer-object. Both point-cache and mograph-cache don't seem to work. I can bake it as alembic, but again that is not ideal. Like I said It's not a big issue, I have a workaround by making it editable. I was just wondering if there was a better option.
  11. I don't know when this changed, but C4D doesn't seem to evaluate the whole animation anymore when I render 1 frame later in the timeline I'm using a tracer and want to render out only one frame. When I render eg. frame 100, the tracer is not updated throughout the previous 99 frames. I've tried in R24, R25 and R26. The workaround I have now is to make the tracer editable before rendering. That is obviously not ideal. Is there a setting or preference that I'm missing to force C4D to evaluate the whole animation when rendering a single frame? I've attached a simple scene tracer_issue.c4d
  12. Aha, that makes a lot of sense why there are not many tutorials yet. I have no specific questions. I've been just trying things out and wondering why some nodes don't seem to connect at all. And since I don't understand the basics I have no idea how to figure out which nodes work together and which don't.
  13. I'm trying to figure out if learning the scene-node system is worth while at the moment. I can't find any tutorials or manuals that explain it in a holistic or meaningful way. The only thing I've seen are basically multiple extrude with procedural selections. Or tech previews from R23. It's just a bit too complicated for me to figure it out myself. I've worked in Houdini, so maybe I'm expecting the wrong things. Can someone point me towards learning resources?

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