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  1. In Sketchup, I can setup scenes that save the visibility states of objects and the view. Sharing a screen recording below. scene state.mp4 Is there a similar technique in C4D that allows such workflow?
  2. Thanks a lot for this. This made me realize my mistake. Earlier, I created a new folder called scripts and pasted the files there. I should have pasted the script files in the scripts folder which is located inside the library folder. I clicked on the 'scripts folder' here and found my scripts folder empty. I searched in the command manager. Now the script is showing. I ran it. Works absolutely well. Thanks a lot @Cairynfor making these scripts. I'll try all of them! I wish I could mark two posts as solution here.
  3. Thanks! I tried this method. It works really well. I have installed all the scripts in my scripts folder like this. However, when I search for the script in my command manager, I don't find anything. What should I do? I am using Cinema 4D v26.
  4. Thanks. I'll definitely try this method and share my experience. This looks quite complicated and even slower than selecting the objects from the object manager. It will probably take me 20-30 minutes to understand how this entire process is to be done. Do you actually use this method in your daily workflow?
  5. Is there a way to group objects in such a way so that when I click on any of the object in the group, the entire group gets selected. I have to manually select the null of the group in the object manager to select the entire group. Sharing a screen recording of Sketchup in which I make similar selections. SketchUp_KV9OBKE3aY.mp4
  6. Thanks CBR. Will keep that in mind. Sure. I'll dig Youtube more. Just realized that real world lighting also has placement, size, colors and intensities of lights that I can replicate in Redshift. I was just getting worried for no reason yesterday. Thanks. Interesting lighting setup I must say. Just tried it out. Why do you choose a maroonish vibe in it?
  7. I'm trying to find tutorials to achieve cinematic lighting in Redshift. While searching for tutorials on Youtube, I came across this website called shotdeck that provides high resolution stills from various movies. Does using these image for HDRI based dome lights is a good way to achieve good ambient lighting inside a scene or I should learn lighting in a better way? I'm quite lost and trying to find a suitable direction to learn better lighting.
  8. I recently made a mograph ripple animation following this tutorial. Using the colour remap, the tutor is able to use two colours. However there's no direct method to directly apply material to the respective effector. If I just drag and drop the material on the effector in the object manager, it doesn't show up in the final render. So I created a redshift blend material. However, only 1 color gets applied to both the waves. Why is that happening? Why isn't the second material showing up in the second ripple? Enclosing the work as a zip. The c4d file is light. Only the textures are heavy. MOGRAPH_RIPPLE_frm.zip
  9. Thanks. That did it. I deleted the normal tags and everything became fine.
  10. I have few hexagonal extrusions that I imported from Rhino (seen on the left). Their edges are not coming to be sharp in the renders. On the right hand side, I made a hexagon using a spline pen inside Cinema4D and extruded it. The edges of that are coming out to be right. Why is that? And how to solve it? Hexagons Extrude.zip
  11. Facing this issue of slow startup due to asset browser loading for a week. Googled and came across this thread. I am now using the option of create database index. It's getting created as I type this. I hope it works. Edit. It worked! Check out the instructions here. It's there in R26. You will definitely get it. https://support.maxon.net/hc/en-us/articles/4764492514204-How-can-I-fix-the-Asset-Browser-loading-slowly-
  12. Alright. Thanks everyone for sharing insights. I guess, I'll just accept it as it is and ignore it. It looks like statistics which won't affect the render performance I guess.
  13. In the object manager of Cinema4d, some objects give me the ability of disabling using a cross/tick button, while others don't and I have to use the two dots to do so. Why is that and how do I always have tick/cross buttons for all the objects?
  14. I am still not able to understand. How can the texture data be larger than the textures and filesize itself?

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