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  1. What Vozzz makes sense. That's how the various dynamic car plugins work. A simplistic car body and cylinders with the real body and wheels as children.
  2. Between Soft Body and Cloth, you can create fairly stiff objects. Have you read about the settings? This video goes into detail about Softbody. Softbody Settings
  3. For some render engines, including corona, you can run C4D through Rosetta 2 and it runs fine. I know the Corona devs are working to hopefully get v7 to be an M1 native. I would imagine other engines are in the same boat. I think the trick is to run the INSTALLER via Rosetta 2.
  4. I just realized you're using Arnold render engine. Here I am explaining to you how GPU engines work. Arnold is a CPU engine like Corona. They are working on adding GPU support though. This simplifies your situation. The good thing with a CPU engine is it is compatible with more computers than a GPU engine. You should have no problem setting up your scenes on your laptop. You just may have to dumb down the test renders to keep things moving. Curious, what type of 3D production will you be doing? This answer can sometimes determine what you setup should be.
  5. I don't use Redshift or Octane on my Mac, but I do have a strong dual-CPU PC at the office that I will use for heavy rendering of my Corona scenes. In my situation, I use Splashtop to connect to my Mac at the office. From there, I have access to the Windows machines via Team Render. You can use your Mac to control your remote Windows machine (https://www.splashtop.com/downloads#rs) I also utilize Dropbox. I have it synced at work, so i can create a project locally (making sure all the textures are on Dropbox too), after it syncs with the office computer, you can open it via Splashtop, make s
  6. @Kutejikashi, I believe you could use a PSR Constraint to tell each section to follow whichever joint's movement. This should get you the same result, but keep you robot parts as they are.
  7. BigAl3D

    Search Material

    This sounds great, but I feel dumb now. I can't see how to use this. I put your folder into my C4D folder, then hit Run Script, but I get an "Unknown script file." error. Little help please.
  8. I had to laugh at "Is this normal?" You could have a font conflict, bad installation or a pirated version of C4D. I have heard of people finding a super-low price, only to find it was not a legit seller. Also make sure you run a virus scan just in case.
  9. Am I the only one that desperately wants a search function for the Material Manager? In a complex scene, it can get to be a chore to find certain materials, even when using the layers feature. Just a simple search like in the Object Manager would be awesome to have.
  10. Well, turns out it's not as easy as I thought. I get either not bounce and flat movement, or crazy jittering until it flies out of the cup. Ha. Yours doesn't looks so bad now.
  11. As for the bounce, either increase the bounce parameter a bit, or drop your pens from higher up so there's more force coming down. I'll experiment and see if my idea works.
  12. Hi and thanks for that starting point. I will open your file and see what sort of mess I can create. I need to re-watch the old Vertex Pusher videos I bought years ago. I seem to have forgotten some of those techniques. The other shape is my biggest issue. That funky Y-shaped part gives me problems. I can usually get by with the holes and parts from other models. Plus, in Corona engine, I use the RoundEdges shader to provide nice rounded seems and edges at render time when I can't model it myself. I'm sure that's not the preferred method, but it gets the work done.
  13. Even with all that I have learned here at C4D Cafe and other sources, I keep getting stuck on modeling certain things. When I look at the shape of the spokes of this rim, I think to myself, that I can model that. I tried extruding that curvy shape, make editable, but then that's where the trouble begins. I started using the Polygon Pen and snapping to the splines I drew, but I just keep getting stuck. Can someone point me in the right direction? I will be reusing parts from other rims for the center area, it's mainly that curvy spoke shape and extruding and all of that. 20373170
  14. That's a long time, but the result is great. At least for a still.
  15. Wow, that looks fantastic. I'm guessing reformatting your PC didn't help, but the latest versions of C4D and Octane I'm sure did. How long of a render is that?
  16. That's odd for sure. In Corona, you have to enable Caustics in the render settings AND in the stone's Material as well. Maybe Octane works similarly. Also, look at the scale of your scene. With this type of rendering effect, you should try to keep things real-world size. Since that stone isn't real, just make it the size of your fist for starters.. If you replace the Infinity stone with a basic object, do you get caustics? At least will tell you if it's your settings, or Octane doesn't like that objects. There are a million places for light to bunch. Maybe it's too much for a GPU e
  17. @No Name. Sorry, that's what it seemed you were doing. Well, I use Corona and not Octane, but it motivated me to try it myself. I make a quick gemstone of some kind and gave it a lot of refraction. One thing to keep in mind with Octane, is that it is a GPU ending and Corona is a CPU physically accurate engine. There are times when a GPU engine has to cheat to get certain effects. My setup was similar to what @DasFrododescribed. I have a softer ambient light, then a very focused light hitting the middle of the stone. It's a very bright beam. This is what I got. It's only a few pass
  18. Mr No Name, if you have a real issue, then post your scene with a rock and don't trick people into going to your online store.
  19. Ah, I see. I was a draftsman in my younger years and I did a little work drawing (by hand) plans for a structural engineers. I mostly drew plans for mechanical, electrical, plumbing and then moved to civil engineering. Mostly soil erosion and sediment control, site plans, etc. Then the machines took over and shortly after, became self-aware.
  20. @JBlongzI'm curious, what is a design engineer?
  21. Well, most dynamics can be cached in one place. If you go to Project Settings --> Dynamics tab --> Cache then hit Bake. You will see your Dynamics tags have changed which is an indication you're using Cached calculations. Keep in mind, that if you change any dynamics settings or move objects, you will need to re-bake the cache or your animation with play back as before and not reflect your changes. Some tags, like the hair tag, have its own cache button. Same thing. Click to bake and again after any alterations. Another tip. In your example of animation interacting with hair
  22. Baking Dynamics is what I'm saying. Backing animation is a different animal.
  23. I love Corona, but I agree with Cerbera, you can achieve it in most engines. Some render faster and more realistically than others. I assume you not really using C4D r6, ha ha! That's the first version I used back in the 90s. By the way, for a "first exercise" that model looks great!
  24. First of all, this issue is a C4D issue and not a Corona specific one. When I delete the Cloth and Dynamics tags, not only can I render a frame in 15 seconds, but it plays in the viewport at 20 fps. I don't see the need for the Cloth collider tags at all and not sure why half the sheep have the Cloth tag and the other half have the Dynamics tag. The squash effect seems to still be there when these tags are removed. In most cases where the Cloth and Dynamics tags are used, you would Bake the dynamics first, then the render engine just grabs that cached info and renders the image. It


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