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  1. Programming theory&concepts

  2. Vol.5!

    1. Rezca


      Voting stage or are you announcing it? :D

    2. Rezca


      Never mind I just checked the forum and saw your thread :)

  3. GIgs, review and P3!

  4. Cafe R13 review and Mograph Volume 4

  5. New volume and plugin!

  6. Project 2!

    1. Shankster


      Hurry up! you should be on 5 or 6, it's Noon over here!

      Just kidding! Good Luck!

  7. Clean the Inbox! :)

  8. vol.2 :)

    1. Anthony Owen

      Anthony Owen

      Solid info! I just made a buy recommendation in the Cafe. The kid was complaining about "ants" in his animation and that increasing the shadow map size didn't help.

  9. Hrvoje

    First car_4.jpg

  10. Jel ide taj plugin prema beti? :)

  11. Enjoying summer :)

  12. playing with AR3

  13. day should last much longer :)

  14. Hrvoje

    Hi there kvb, I cant seem to send you a pm?

    is your inbox full?

  15. Hi there Rubyna :)

    Tutorials will be ready tommorow - I will make announcement here on cafe. Hope you will be among irst customers.


  16. Modeling....

  17. ditto that about IP duo.

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