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  1. I am guessing Igor is pointing out that for similar content, including educational material and answers to posts, scene files etc. one has to pay membership on gsg which is significantly more expensive than seeing few ads here and there, or possibly contributing by small amount. Now when I am not the owner of site I can freely tell you it is quite expensive to run and only thing that is holding it in existence is enthusiasm of owner and few members who are contributors. Advertisements and banners barely cover for price of dedicated server and security services. Hosting, backend administration,
  2. No worries Dave, I will be around, there is simply too much work to do and I will try to cook up some trainings. In reality, Igor was leading the forum for most of the time, I was just a legal owner up until this point. Hope he doesn't ban me now
  3. Hi folks I would like to inform you that @Igoris now official owner of Cafe. Time has come for me to pass the honors to younger and more able ones. I have no doubts that he will do a stellar job as he did all this years as admin - congrats Igor!
  4. My wife burst into laugh when I told someone called me brilliant
  5. Would be nice to meet, I hope to go to US at one point once world returns to normal...
  6. Here is the footage of award. He mentioned whole MoGraph team by name including yours truly
  7. Welcome aboard to your new favorite playgorund :)
  8. We hope to have new one relatively soon but we have to organize collection of really valuable prizes. For this challenge prizes were on the very top and we would like to keep it that way since this generated top quality images
  9. Congratulations people, fantastic renderings
  10. @dast Very nice job, I like it. Drunk primitives fit this time of year perfectly
  11. Very nice! Looking forward to see how these sketches will become models
  12. Very nice drawing skills! I know you will transfer this to 3d easily as usual
  13. Here is few more. From this point onward I will focus on creation of scenes with Scene Nodes for which there is separate topic 215_Fra_in_out_shading(MG).c4d214_Softbody_fields(Dyn+MG).c4d213_Target_per_clone(MG).c4d212_Grater(MG).c4d211_Clone_transfer_rig(MG+XP).c4d210_Slinkyman(MG+XP).c4d209_Trefoil_knot.c4d208_Plasma_Ball(MG).c4d207_Hexa_index(MG+XP).c4d206_Grass_cutter(MG).c4d205_Primitive_poly_hiding(MG).c4d204_Mosaic_Multishader(MG).c4d203_Field_mixing(MG).c4d202_Matrix_Weight(MG).c4d
  14. Please send me the file, I can try to see if it can be recovered. It will be treated confidentially of course. Will also check what is causing your crash...
  15. Hi folks I will start making scenes to showcase nodes and post them here on regular basis. Let's start with two Simple parametric Helix Helix.c4d Rectangle distribution Rectangular_Distribution.c4d Have fun


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