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  1. For recursion use loop carried value and memory nodes. They both have access to previous value
  2. Some circle packing 🙂 183_Circle_Packing.c4d
  3. Quite a big file to grab 🙂 I can't answer your questions specifically, but in general advice only. Simualtions are simply expensive. As far as best practices go you are on the right track. There is space to improve and the first thing would be to see if you can do the simulation without fillets on the cube (proxy setup) and use that as a driver for high poly setup. Try some margin and explore possibility of turning of self collisions. Additionally, using project setting tab to reduce the calculation if possible is always good idea. Hope this helps
  4. Some fun with Fracturing 🙂 147_Pipe_Mesher(MG).c4d
  5. Chladni patterns! 202_Chladni_Plate.c4d
  6. Drag the ports from column into graph : ) Floating port is like a shortcut to actual input port
  7. What's new in Cinema 4D 2024 New in 2024.0 Redshift is now the default renderer in Cinema 4D. Innovations in the simulation systems Another component of the simulation system: the new Rigid Bodies. Many characteristic spline rope parameters such as Strechiness, Friction, etc. can be defined by a Vertex Map at the point level. A specific graphics card can be selected for simulation calculation. Innovations in the Pyro simulation A Pyro emitter can now also use particles, points and MoGraph matrices. The emission volume of Pyro can be automatically faded out at the edges. Low-resolution Pyro caches can be subsequently subdivided more finely and distorted with noises. Any simulation image of the Pyro simulation can be defined as an initial state. The initial state of a Pyro simulation can be controlled individually for each property via volume objects. The colors of a Pyro simulation can be assigned with temporal falloff and smoothing. The fuel of a Pyro simulation can be assigned buoyancy. Pyro turbulence is smoothed by default. The calculation of Pyro velocities can be limited to areas of simulated density and temperature to save memory. Multiple Pyro caches can be managed simultaneously in one simulation and easily switched. Modeling innovations The Projection Deformer projects geometry onto any object. Selections can be repeated at will with the Pattern Selection. Subdivision Surfaces have a new mode Linear Pre-Subdivision. Brush/Magnet have a new mode Surface Smear. Point and polygon numbers can now be displayed in the viewports. Innovations with vertex normals The Normal Editing Manager can be used to edit vertex normals. The Vertex Map manager VAMP can now also transfer Vertex Colors and surface normals. The Phong tag can take polygon areas and angles into account during automatic vertex normal generation. Pose Morph can now morph vertex normal directions. New features for Nodes and Assets Note Nodes allow comments to be written directly into the Node Editor and to be customized in size and color. Scaffolds allow you to highlight sections of a Node setup with a colored background. The Break Spline Modifier Asset provides several methods for dividing splines into individual segments. The Electric Spline Modifier Asset can be used to calculate flashes and spline bundles. The Connect Node combines any number of single geometries and geometry arrays into a single geometry. The Generate Tangent Node can calculate a pair of tangents for controlling spline curves. The Create normals if missing Node automatically calculates Phong normals for a mesh geometry. The Modulo Selection Node provides new options for inverting and saving the selection. There are also new options for saving selections at these Selection Nodes: Select Facing, Select Bounding Box, Noise Selection, Non-Manifold and Random Selection. The Not Node inverts Boolean signals. The Clone onto Points Node duplicates any geometry onto the points of another geometry. The Explode Mesh Islands Node splits polygon islands and outputs them as separate mesh geometry. The Explode Spline Segments Node splits all spline segments and outputs them as separate spline geometry. The Transform Geometry Node is the further development of the Transform Element Node and has been accelerated in processing by orders of magnitude. Inputs and outputs to Assets and groups can be integrated directly into the setup as Nodes. Miscellaneous innovations The Align to Spline tag has some new options and can overshoot tangentially at the spline start/end. New VAMP calculation method can take UV islands into account. When Cinema 4D is started for the first time, the language of the operating system is now used.
  8. pm request Resample spline : ) 206_Resample_spline.c4d
  9. Unfortunate, but yes, for the moment, cutting functionality is not there so what you are after will require rebuilding topology which can be tricky, however, given that you will be seemingly working with quads it could be easier than antiicipated.
  10. @Lasse Leon Sure, send it via pm, it will be treated confidentially, I can see with the devs if there are room for improvements
  11. No way to say without scene file. If you are relucatant to post you cna also send it via pm
  12. Bell curve asset 🙂 Thgere are some nice controls for it 89_Bell_Curve.c4d
  13. Nice topic and effort @HappyPolygon, I took the effort and made the nodes version Chladni_Plate.c4d
  14. Boat wake with fileds 146_Boat_wake(MG).c4d
  15. Stellar work as usual, mother in law is right on the target 😄
  16. Here is some quasi unfolding with MoGraph 🙂 175_Poly_Folding(MG+XP).c4d
  17. Hi folks MAXON has multiple job openings for developers https://www.maxon.net/en/careers/senior-maya-developer https://www.maxon.net/en/careers/gpu-rendering-developer https://www.maxon.net/en/careers/junior-c-software-developer All job openings: https://www.maxon.net/en/about-maxon/careers Make sure you refer to CORE4D in your application, that way you are making sure that your application will be reviewed in detail.
  18. You might want to post a wire shot depicting loop structure, this can lead to some good advices 🙂
  19. sheeseh that is great 🙂
  20. Mesh only. You can peek into the asset. Spline distributions are separate
  21. PM request, folding but on spline path 🙂 158_Curved_folding(MG XP).c4d
  22. @HappyPolygon Here is a quick recursion setup that can get you going : ) try.c4d

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