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  1. This is actually not entirely true. You can use Deformers on Sculpt objects. On the tag you have to freeze it and click allow deformations to see the effect of deformers under the object. And if your object is rigged you can even play back the animation on the sculpted object. Then when you want to sculpt again you unfreeze and keep on sculpting. Not being able to use other tools is unfortunately a required limitation. Such as I mentioned in my original post about this, as you move away to allow high polygon workflows you need to give up some freedoms. In the case of the other modelling tools, most of them were designed for low poly modelling operations. And in that case their algorithms may not be able to deal with handling millions of polygons. Undo/Redo also comes into play. Since the sculpting system is optimized to handle undo/redo of only what is touched. But many other tools store a full copy of the object itself in its entirety before doing any operation on it. Could you let me know what kind of tools you would actually want to use on an object using the Sculpt Tag based workflow? Perhaps I can add them for you.
  2. So why not use ZBrush? What are the polygon limits, for one single object, in other apps these days? Maya, Blender etc? I don't actually know. But if I wanted to do high detail sculpting I would just purchase Zbrush in an instant. Dynamic tessellation, with adaptive topology, would be a new toolset completely. You wouldn't have the multi-resolution subdivision workflow. These workflows came about from Sculptris I believe. Would be great to have something like that in C4D. Thought about adding it myself. A good Dynamesh auto-retopology feature is sorely needed in the Sculpting Toolset in C4D. They did add a one click button that utilizes OpenVDB in the background, but that doesn't produce a nice mesh at all.
  3. The issue with creating a sculpting system in a program that is built around the traditional concept of polygons with points, where all that data needs to live on the graphics card, is that you soon hit limitations on the Graphics card itself. To achieve millions of polygons you need to take a fundamentally different approach to how the data is handled... which is what ZBrush did. The limitations of doing that is that you no longer have traditional vertex data, so you can no longer do all the other work that you would normally associate with a 3D animation package. Can't animate moving 3D points if the concept of that XYZ point no longer exists. So for most DCC apps they won't ever reach the "100 million" polygons scale for sculpting unless they effectively break it away from all other systems and has its own separate viewport, tools and workflows. Then to get it back into the DCC app it would need to be baked down to make it usable. The benefit of having a sculpting system in a DCC, even with the limitation of maybe 4 to 6 million polys, is that those same tools can work with everything else in that DCC app as well, even on low polygon models. The tools can be completely integrated because it can use all the exact same data as everything else. This is why the C4D Sculpting tools can work on both high resolution "Sculpt Tag" based model as well as a regular Polygon Object directly in the viewport, or on a Pose Morph. A dedicated sculpting tool like Zbrush will always exist and be the master at sculpting at incredibly high detail. Because they can focus on doing just that and not have to think about any other workflow.
  4. I think the blender community is going to really miss Pablo Dobarro (he developed the sculpting and painting tools). And by the sounds of it, it was the community itself that drove him to quit.
  5. Looking forward to this. I might actually start learning Houdini if it can be done in a fun way.
  6. I was not signalling you out in particular. I have just seen this used so many times over and over and over, Might have been a joke the first time I saw it a year or so ago. But to see it keep coming up again and again? "Bullshit" is not offensive here in New Zealand. IE it is not a really offensive swear word. Same as saying rubbish or silly. But I have to say I did let my annoyance at seeing the CEO of a company who is keeping hundreds of people employed being called a name in a derogatory way. I like Adobe, and Autodesk and everyone in the 3D industry. And I also give my respect to those people that work there since they have provided me with employment for the past 21 years. We are all free to criticize, give our feedback on what is happening. But I draw a line at childish name calling, even if it is intended as a joke. Since this stuff eventually catches on and then more people start throwing it around in the forums and then we all leave and this forum becomes as dead as CGTalk. Which I do not want to see.
  7. Agreed. I really hate this kind of childish bullshit.
  8. Because it takes a human resource X amount of hours to do the physical work involved. And it produces zero benefit to the company involved because it is transferring the license for a version of C4D that no longer generates any revenue for that company. So you are taking a resource away from the job they are usually doing just to handle this task. I am just talking business here. What would you charge?
  9. Hi Shrike, I would like to suggest that you also send your entire post to Maxon directly. In C4D go to "Help->Report Bug/Idea". Then change "Conference" to "Ideas" and "Category" to "Node Editor". Then paste in all your comments and click Submit Report. You could also include a link back to this post on the forum so that anyone at Maxon can directly reference back here if there is additional discussion on the topic. It might seem like it goes off into the void where you never know what has happened to it. But I can assure you that every post ends up in their database of Ideas and people do look at them all. Cheers, Kent
  10. The reason for the charge will be because it will require someone’s time. It won’t be an automated system. And I guess you probably need to email the details, they will have to verify it is all correct and then manually go in and change the user details. Edit: just read the link you posted and that is indeed the case. Someone needs to verify it then they physically contact both parties to confirm and only then does the transfer take place. Why would a company do this for free?
  11. Looks like the documentation for this is a bit messed up. https://help.maxon.net/c4d/en-us/#html/TOOLSCULPTBRUSHFLATTEN-MDATA_SCULPTBRUSH_SETTINGS_GROUP.html?TocPath=Sculpting%7CSculpt%20Menu%7CBrush%7CSculpt%20Brush%20Flatten%20Tool%7C_____2 But this is the section I am talking about, and it is in the Fixed Plane dropdown. Custom If this option is selected, a temporary guide plane will be displayed when you Ctrl/Cmd+click on the object to be deformed. The sculpting object points will be placed onto this surface. Note the Sculpt Brush Custom Plane Adjust hotkey (located in the Command Manager where a hotkey can be assigned to it). This command lets you adjust the scale of the guide plane (hotkey + RMB) and its distance from the surface (hotkey + LMB). If you are deforming various objects simultaneously, each object will be assigned its own guide plane. The Depth value (see below), which can also be modified if multiple guide planes are selected simultaneously, only affects the plane with the orange outline (the guide planes of other objects will have a blue outline). If only one Sculpt object is selected, each object can be assigned its own Depth value. As soon as you switch tools or change the symmetry settings, the guide planes (which also work in Symmetry mode, incl. symmetrical guide plane) will be deleted.
  12. Mask them all, then invert your mask. Now switch to the Flatten Brush and use the "Fixed Plane" option, set to "Custom", and Ctrl+Click to define a plane to flatten to and then flatten to that. Or you could use it to flatten to a word axis, which you can change in C4D to be where you need it to be for this part of your model. Or you could use something like my plugin and put an actual plane at the location you want and project the sculpting down onto that: https://www.plugins4d.com/Product/SculptProjectionBrush
  13. I wish I had the time, and also a reason, to use it.
  14. Because it is now possible. It was just a few years ago that software was shipped on CD's. Then USB sticks. Then bandwidth increased world wide to allow for the distribution of software over the internet and finally it became reliable to even allow online updating. With the advancement in cloud services like AWS, and automation tools to streamline development, you can now create a feature and potentially deliver it to customers instantly via an update. But the only way to make that a viable thing to do, you need to become a service. So you move to the subscription model to allow you to eventually push updates to users computers anytime you want. Delivering new features and content. This also frees companies from having to rigidly stick to a yearly release cycle. Allowing them to separate their companies into teams who are able to self manage and deliver content to the users without requiring a full company wide coordinated release strategy. This is how all major web based products work today. Streamlined, automated, able to deliver value to customers instantly at any time. Now this is moving into the "installed" software realm. This speeds up production, allows for greater flexibility in your planning schedules and will eventually allow for updating new features in C4D on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. Which is exactly what Maxon will be able to do now that they have Capsules and the new Scene Node system. Simply by delivering a bunch of assets via the Asset Browser can now give you new features to use in your work. And they can release those anytime they want.
  15. Correct. All perpetual version of C4D ever made shipped with what they had. They never got any new "content" or "features". The only additional thing users got were the service pack updates, which contained bug fixes only.
  16. As far as I can remember Perpetual users never got anything In the past, other than service packs with fixes. You bought your perpetual and that was it. Then they added the MSA which allowed them legally to provide additional content during the year in the form of plug-ins and training. And that could have even be thought of as a subscription.
  17. I wouldn’t say there is a bulldozer attitude here from MAXON. So far it has just been Srek giving his views, Rick trying to answer questions and then you have the actual CEO here talking to everyone here! Come on now. The CEO! How much level of interaction do people want from a company? Just try and see if you can even get in contact with any human at Adobe! But I also agree with what Srek mentioned. Forums are a bubble. But I happen to like this bubble, same people always talking is fine with me. But we are a very small bunch of people here, at least the ones that actively post.
  18. I like and respect everyone on this forum. And I read every message that is posted. I personally don’t have any other connections to any users in any other medium. This site is it for me. So I really enjoy the conversations here and see both sides of all arguments. So far this time round it has been quiet polite really. No overly aggressive comments, which is great to see. We are all professional adults here just doing our thing. And with COVID out there, and no real events to go to, this forum is a great place for people to come to. So everyone just keep on typing. Lots of us here are reading along and happy to discuss all topics.
  19. Is this what you are after? The EULA? https://www.maxon.net/en/legal/eula From there you can download it for the language you need. It has a section for Subscriptions.
  20. It is a business. I hope they are caring about money. Money is what pays every employee their wages so that they can continue to work. And I highly doubt there are any managers getting bonuses. Also Maxon is no longer just a C4D company. They now have a very large portfolio of products. And all the business decisions now span a much wider market. I understand why perpetual C4D customers may not be that overwhelmed by this (and the previous S24) release. But for users on the subscription it means absolutely nothing. Just keep on working, use S24 or S25 if they have features you need and if you want to adjust your workflow, otherwise stick to S23 to R21. For the price of a new perpetual license today you could be on a sub for almost 5 years. I wonder how many customers would still even consider purchasing a perpetual these days. Doesn't make much sense. My last perpetual was R21 (and I own everything back to R17). However, I am a registered developer and do get access to the Beta versions. But for everything I would ever do R21 is perfectly fine for my purposes. I even do all my development in R21 (I only use newer versions to test compatibility). If I do leave the developer program I would loose my access, but then I would only get a sub if there was some feature that I really wanted to use. But in most cases there are other tools that already fill the gaps I would need anyway. Not sure what I am really getting at here other than to say businesses need to stay profitable and customers should do what is right for them. But for the past few years I keep seeing the same arguments and comments being thrown at Maxon every release. How much longer will people keep saying the same things? When it comes to business if something doesn't suit your needs then quickly move on. Although I have been annoyed at many companies for the direction they have taken, I understand it is just business, not a personal vendetta against me personally. Companies get bigger and have to get their big boy pants on and make hard decisions that will affect some of their user base, that is inevitable. But hopefully the decisions that Maxon has made will allow it to prosper and continue to expand, grow larger, get a bigger community and potentially one day dominate over their competition (Autodesk, The Foundry and maybe even Adobe). I say good luck to them and I am happy I could have helped and will be sticking around to take this journey with them until such time as my life takes me in a different direction.
  21. R25 Full Change List https://support.maxon.net/hc/en-us/articles/4406578092690-Cinema-4D-R25-September-14-2021 NEW FEATURES AND ENHANCEMENTS User Interface Enhancements New modern scheme and updated icons New layouts Updated attribute layouts for easier and more intuitive access to key attributes Document Tabs - easily switch between open documents Layout Tabs - easily switch between layouts for different tasks New Layouts Switch - easily revert to old Cinema 4D layouts Window size and position maintained while switching layouts (ctrl to recall stored position) Fix Column and Fix Row options maintain the size of layout elements while resizing window / adapting to new resolutions Dynamic Palettes - icon palettes dynamically change based on document mode, active tool or active object type Shortcut sets in Command Manager Virtual Sliders on Numeric Attributes Numeric Attributes increment based on cursor position Option to expose any tag with the Object attributes New Coordinate Manager with Auto-Apply and Reset Transform Non-modal Color Chooser popup Snap and Soft Selection toolbar popups Variable size thumbnails in Material Manager Improved display of selected element in dropdowns New 3-point Viewport Lighting HDR/EDR Viewport Asset Browser Preset System Store presets within the Asset Browser, will category, keywords, smart search, previews and more Define multiple presets for any object, tag, tool or other Attribute Manager element Specify a default preset to be applied whenever the item is created Partial presets allow specific / selected attributes to be stored as presets Easily choose between stored presets or a specific Attribute Manager element Define presets for any Import / Export format Custom preset types for specific Cinema 4D content: Render Settings Viewport Filter* Timeline Filter Color Chooser Swatches, BodyPaint 3D Swatches & Brushes, Sculpt Brushes* Sketch & Toon* Icon Presets* User Data Interfaces Takes Bevels* Gradients* Spline UI* Sky Automatic creation of preview images for many preset types (marked above with an asterisk) General Asset Browser Improvements Place any asset within an icon palette for easy access Place Favorites or any Smart Search within an icon palette for easy access Popup mini-browser can be moved, or pinned open to add multiple assets Simple Mode provides easy access with minimal UI to specific categories or searches Option to Convert Legacy lib4d Content Browser libraries Improved Drag & Drop (object manager hierarchy, material manager, polygon selection, material links) Improved Spline Import Import Adobe Illustrator / PDF files Imports stroke and fill information Imports stroke/fill color with support for multiple color spaces and gradient fills Imports vector symbols embedded within artwork Import SVG Files Generate extrusions and sweeps to represent filled and stroked paths Offset paths parametrically based on layer and path order Update Illustrator files dynamically while keeping settings Capsules Use Capsule assets created in Cinema 4D's new Scene Node core within Classic Cinema 4D Primitives Object Groups Geometry Modeling and Selection Modifiers Tap into the power of Scene Nodes to add unique functionality within an Object Group or Geometry Modifier Group Scene Nodes / Scene Manager Splines Spline Primitives - 4-side Arc Circle Circular Arrow Cissoid Cycloid Flower Formula Helix Linear Arrow n-side Profile Rectangle Segment Star Text Scene Nodes Spline Core - Create Bezier splines with tangents Create B-Splines Create splines with Nurbs weighting Attach weight, color and other attributes to spline points Interpolate position and spline point attributes along spline Tesselate Splines with Adaptive, Subdivided, Natural or Uniform point distribution Output the length of a spline Line To Mesh Generator - Extrude, Loft, Lathe, Sweep operations Data Integration Import Data Node - CSV data import Get Member Node - get array from container by name/index Get Member Info Node - output an array of members within a container Sort Collection - sort all arrays of an array collection based on one array within the collection Command-line argument - parse a command-line argument as an input for Scene Nodes Data Assets Bar Graph Global Pins Utilities Hex to RGB Geoposition to Equirectangular Geoposition to Sphere DMS to Geoposition Angle to DMS Flightpath Spline Nodes and Node Assets Surface Blue Noise Distribution Surface-Scaled Blue Noise Distribution Calculate Curvature Create Normals Geometry Axis / Orientation / Resize Jitter / Jitter along Normal Smooth Geometry Transform Element Modulo Selection Select All Select by Weight To / From Barycentric Pivot Transform Node Editor Enhancements Improved modeling selection workflow with selection string parser Error highlighting, Info Area callout and improved Console error reporting Updated Modeling Selection Workflow with Selection Parser Store cached geometry within nodes Redshift Integration Updated Redshift Lights User Interface Convert standard lights to Redshift Lights KNOWN ISSUES Cinema 4D R25 will break plugin compatibility with the C++ API, and in some Python plugins. The Content Browser has been deprecated and removed. A new menu option in the Asset Browser allows users to choose a lib4d and convert to assets. There are three notes to know about Spline Import: SVG files from Inkscape currently will not load Layers >1 level deep are only supported when Illustrator files are saved without compression Path Names are not imported
  22. Off topic but I would like to say I am really enjoying the conversations happening in this thread. I just wish we could all keep chatting like this usually, instead of just once every 6 months when a new version of C4D releases.
  23. When I worked at Maxon it definitely felt like a small start up, part of the charm and fun of the company at the time. But in the last 5 years they have definitely expanded, and taken on huge debt as well. I am not familiar with the old system by I was sure this one you mention has been in place for a few years now. Since I also questioned why students should pay at the time. But this company they are using easily fills the need to verify a student is who they say they are. Yes MAXON could have probably paid them to remove that fee. But I can see why they chose this solution instead of having to hire permanent staff to handle all the verification steps involved. I guess if enough institutions reported this as an issue they may work out a deal with that company to pay the costs. But it looks like this company is set up to work as a service and as I mentioned it was most likely the fastest way for Maxon to move to a new solution that can be automated and work in with their new licencing system. These are all guesses mind you, from a product design and delivery perspective with a thought to ROI.
  24. To me it looks like it is the OnTheHub Kivuto estore that is charging the fee. So Maxon has handed off all the work involved in getting this coupon code, for all your students, to another company. And that company is charging the fee to cover their costs to provide this service. What is involved in this? It looks like the company checks the credentials of every student to ensure they are a student. You have to use your schools email address, which must get verified to ensure it is legitimate, then you probably get an email with the coupon. So that is the service you are paying for. https://estore.onthehub.com/p/MaxonOne?&pr=true Maxon will still be incurring costs on their side such as bandwidth download costs and authentication servers etc... As much as you would all like to think, Maxon is not Autodesk. They are not the same size or have the same income. So handing this off to an outside company to deal with would actually save them money by not having to build a separate system, and support it, when it brings in no value. Plus it would have made it much faster for them to get this offering out to students.
  25. Inside "C:\Program Files\Maxon Cinema 4D R24\resource\modules\c4dplugin\schemes" copy the "Dark" folder Now go to the following folder C:\Users\user\AppData\Roaming\MAXON\Maxon Cinema 4D R25_1FE0824E\library Create a new folder called "schemes" Paste the Dark folder into there. Now rename it from Dark to R24 You should now have a folder path like the following C:\Users\user\AppData\Roaming\MAXON\Maxon Cinema 4D R25_1FE0824E\library\schemes\R24 Now go into that R24 folder Rename dark.col to r24.col Rename dark.res to r24.res Now open up C4D and go to your preferences. Under Interface you will see a scheme drop down has appeared that now contains the R25 Dark mode and your new R24 one. BUT!!! This will still not look correct since the R25 Dark scheme has a bunch of new settings and these will be missing from your r24.col file. So you will have to compare your r24.col file against the dark.col file to see what has changed. Then tweak the colors in your new scheme until you get it right. I have been doing this with the r22 colors and it is almost there. When it is ready I will share it. But I still have a few things to fix up still.
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