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  1. JED, thank you, that's exactly what I was after! About the Sin function - I did some tinkering and found that the Range mapper set to modulo had the same effect. But Sin was more elegant 😉 Thanks again/ Urt
  2. Hello! Sorry if this is very noobish. I want to animate a simple fish model using the bend deformer to wiggle the body. I'd like expresso to loop the strength value between say +30 and -30 degrees. How could I set up expresso with user data so that I would get this: - A user data that says Speed. This would increase the loop speed between +30 and -30. This would make the swimming faster. - Another that says Strength. This would increase the bend to any number, say +50 to -50. This would make the swimming more forceful. Super grateful for any advice! Cheers/ Urt
  3. It looks to me like both of your approaches are almost identical 🙂
  4. Deck, that's a very clever use of Blend, I didn't know it also worked like that! Now it works beautifully with numbers. Do you have any suggestion how this could work with words or letters...? Where Blend couldn't be an answer I suppose... Best/ Urt
  5. Thank you Cerbera! And yes, I'd prefer it if I can keep the text "live" and not bake it down to single objects. Best/ Urt
  6. Cerbera, excuse my noobity. Am I correct in thinking that I store state 1 as an object, and also state 2 as an object. I apply the Pose morph to object 1, make a pose out of it, then make a second pose out of state 2? The only way I can make it kinda work is if I convert state 1 and 2 to single objects, and then do a points morph. But that result is pretty identical to the spline wrap middle state (picture 1). Moreover, if I apply the Morph deformer with a fields, I can slide the linear field to cascade the morph across the numbers, but since they are not separate objects any more, and the morph is affecting the points, the between states get stretched badly (picture 2). Is there a way that I can keep the numbers as separate objects in both morph states?? And hopefully morph the psr instead of points? Best/ Urt
  7. Hello! I'm stumped trying to figure this out. How can I morph from state 1 to 2 in a cascading fashion? i.e. first the no. 1 moves to its right place then no.2, no. 3 etc. I don't want them all moving at once, and I really don't want the wonky between state of the spline wrap (picture 3). Any ideas would be much appreciated. Best/ Urt
  8. So almost a year later, but I'm happy to report that in R23 these issues are no more! Super snappy view switching even on my old machine, so thank you!! Cheers/ Urt
  9. Thank you Igor. It would be great to hear if this can be fixed by say, updating to Macos 10.14. Or if I should give up on my machine and newer versions of C4D. As it stands though, I would say R21 is unusable with my current setup. Cheers/ Urt
  10. Hello! I recently upgraded to R21 and immediately noticed severe lagging on these three occurences: 1. Viewport switching. This issue was also in R19. The solution: cmd+i on the application icon, check "Open in low resolution". Now view switching is snappy, but the whole interface looks blurry (low res). Is there any way to fix this?! 2. Playback is laggy. Even with a simple animation (unshaded) the playback freezes every 30 frames or so, and continues. Freezes again after 30 or so frames, continues. Advanced OpenGL is off. Even using constant shading this happens. 3. Wacom tablet cursor is choppy. Just moving slowly left to right over the top bar icons, the cursor stutters. Like the frame rate dropped to to 3fps or something. This does not happen when moving the mouse, only the wacom pen. Are these bugs, or is my system just too old? Specs: R21.207. Osx 10.12.6. 2x3,33ghz 6-core (2012 Macpro cpu). 48gb ram. GTX 1080Ti. Cheers/ Urt
  11. Thank you Rick for your prompt reply! Cheers/ Urt
  12. Hello, sorry if this has been answered someplace else. But how is the offline help going for Mac users? I'm using R21.115 on 10.14.2. Still can't get offline help. Any news on this? Cheers/ Urt
  13. Cerbera - ha ha! I'm sure there's a better way! If we were to have a closer look at the rotors I'd have to make it perfect, but in this case I can get away with it. Jed - that's awesome! The shortcuts work just fine on Mac! Except F11 that I've mapped to a OS function. I love how one can turn the rotor off and still fly around :D And the onboard camera is great, this whole script could be really useful for flying stuff.
  14. Cerbera, thank you for your suggestions! And Jed, thanks for that nifty little scene file ;) I tried the edge alignment method, but unfortunately the shaft, or any part of the model, did not have any edge that were perfectly perpendicular to the correct angle of rotation... so what I ended up doing was just tweaking the axis numerically by hand (see image) and it got a lot better.
  15. Makes total sense, but I'm afraid it's not that straight forward. See image, the rotors are at an angle. I imagine if they were totally perpendicular to ground plane the approach you gave is solid. But what about in cases like these?
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