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  1. I think 3D-pangel probably has the giant Adobe model more in mind than Maxon in his quote. Adobe certainly does very little to deserve its monthly fee and frequently leaves bugs and breaks workflows. I think Maxon has the opposite problem. It is not big enough to be monopolist. And is at risk of becoming irrelevant. No offence to you Rik, I'm sure you work plenty hard. But if prople start migrating away from Maxon due to underwhelming releases, then that is also a big problem for me and my livelyhood as a freelancer using C4D as my primary tool. I will also have to work extra hard to keep myself and my skillset relevant. And as I'm a pretty lazy guy, I'd MUCH rather Maxon did the hard work of keeping relevant for me😉
  2. Thanks chaps for the replies. That's pretty suprising to be honest. (Although I'm glad it wasn'y just my poor knowledge of Cinema). Would have thought this sort of think was pretty necessary for game art etc? Hey ho, off to Blender we go.
  3. Hola - maybe a simple answer - but I cant work out how to create a normal map based on projection is cinema4d. Basically the same as the tutorial below using blender. I have no problem baking meshes from a sculpt or single UV'd object. But I want to do it using multiple oblects/cloners/booles. hence the need for a projection method. Any tips??
  4. Good catch. I wonder if it will still be possible to download my older versions when it's gone. Assume not! 🤔
  5. That rocket lassoo technique is brilliant. Has anyone tried doing the same re-projection of the normals map too? (I'm about to start retopologising a scan and it seems a shame to chuck the normals data away)
  6. Brilliant! Thanks Jed - that would have taken me about a decade to work out on my own
  7. Thanks Deck. Much appreciated! I had consideded splitting the text onto individual lines, but I can't help thinking there must be a cleaner solution for blocks of text than multiple effectors. I see the effect all the time, presumably it's always done in AE though.
  8. I need to make animate some lines of text so that it appears per letter - in a similar manner to it being typed. I feel like this should be simple - but it has me lost at the moment. I could keyframe each letter but that's incredibly inefficient. I can't just use a plain effector and falloff, as it is multiple lines of text in a short paragraph. Not just a single line. The plain effector will effect the letters by position rather than sequentially. Does anyone have a fix?
  9. The 'best' quad mesh can nomally be made if you convert to OBJ using MoI (moi3d.com). Its never the same as a natively modelled mesh though. If the CAD file is not too big I'd be happy to make a conversion for you to see how it turns out.
  10. i5 mac iks very underpowered for render work. 3500px renders with an acceptable level of noise should be no more that 15 mins using modern hardware
  11. I'd also recommend Corona (so long as you're mainly stills based). I need to work on my MacBookPro when I'm at clients, and it'll run nicely on that. Its fine having PC workstations if you're always in your own studio... but if you need to freelance at an agency sometimes that's not gonna cut it
  12. Boo. Oh well - back to manual labour. Thanks Igor
  13. Hi. I'm making a carton, and to keep thinks simple and adjustable I was going to add thickness procedurally via the Cloth Surface generator. So far so good... But I'd like to texture the created edge differently to the rest of the model. I know it's possible to do this with hidden material selections for some sorts of generators (ie C1: cap 1 R1: rounding 1). So does such a thing exist for cloth thickness? Or is there an alternative I could try? (rigging boxes with modelled thickness always causes problems based on past experience).
  14. I suffer from this a lot. 300ppi is used as a catch-all answer and I can almost never get proper details. A large part of the problem is that the terminology is routed in offset lithographic print. A large scale poster/banner/wall may very well be printed using a large format inkjet printer which have an enormously higher ppi. Unless you have very sharp geometric lines/type in the image, the simple solution is to render at a sensible resolution (ie 6k) and just up-res the file in PS afterwards to keep everyone happy.
  15. Not specific to Arnold - but generally a good start is to use a fresnel shader in the opacity slot and turn everything else off.
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