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  1. Last warning on duplicate posting. I have already answered your question in the first post you made, and moved it to the correct section. Please read How to Post on the Cafe as we asked you to when you signed up.



  2. R18 - I can feel it comin !! 

  3. Playing with cloth to make awesome ragged rips and tears in the falling skin of a 600 ft whale.

  4. Rigging a dragon wing...

  5. Getting my brass tubes in a twist...

  6. CBR is currently: Modelling a Holton Farkas Rose Brass French Horn...

  7. Redirecting edge-flow

  8. Just seen that dragon in HFR 3D again. Still completely awe-inducing.

  9. Modelling and flying a Blade Nano QX

  10. Xmas without power - my favourite.

  11. Well that Dragon in hobbit 2 is about the most impressive thing I've ever seen in a film. Breathtaking 3D throughout.

  12. Thinking about 3D tinsel, and what I can do about that.

  13. No sleep til Kingston...

  14. 1 week off before all the Xmas gigs...

    1. LChaney


      Do you use the SongBook app? Very useful.

    2. Cerbera


      No, I use Set List Maker for ipad, which is superb...

  15. Learning how to make feathers...

  16. What we hope ever to do with ease, we must learn first to do with diligence.

  17. Shuttered light and bokeh FX

  18. 4 am before work is not the time to start UV mapping...

  19. Scary, scary eyes

  20. Out of the lab and into the desert...


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