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  1. Welcome to the Core Moved to correct section. Please complete your profile so we know which version you have. You can't. But you can use the object finder to locate, filter and select all the nulls in your scene, which should make finding the empty ones easy for manual deletion. CBR
  2. Cerbera


    Ah yes my bad - knew I'd put them somewhere ! Well found !
  3. Cerbera


    I also have a wireframe gallery here, which has the wires for this in it. Yes, this was an SDS model.
  4. No I meant the Iron Tool as a way to relax a segmented cube into a much more organic / spheroid form initially. Those cracks and whatnot could be handled with displacement maps OR sculpting, or both ! I think probably aim for at least the larger wrinkles and whatnot as part of a sculpt, because there is special Pose morph functionality designed to work with sculpt objects that would invariably help here... CBR
  5. Not seeing a lot of character-specific stuff there; perhaps not even a jointed rig - I think that can be largely done with vertex map controlled soft body dynamics and posemorph / deformers on a sculpted mesh. I suspect they are using deformers on the hands and arms because they stretch in a way they wouldn't if properly jointed / weighted. Modelling-wise we'd probably want to start with a medium poly hexasphere, or ironed / subdivided cube and Matrix Extrude / Normal Scale will be how we get the wobbly tendril bits. You'd want to cut the mouth and eyes in fairly early on, maintain
  6. Oh excellent - if you think that would work for you, then here's the scene file which should jump you forward a bit ! PM fold.c4d CBR
  7. Do you have these controls back in R18 ? I can't remember... If so, they will be the answer. If not, the answer may be 'No' unless you bake the sim. CBR
  8. You mean the material used on the narrow bands specifically ? If so that looks very simple, like it could be some form of smokey coloured plastic. I don't have Vray, but if I was doing that material in Native Render I'd be popping a few layered colored noises in the color (diffuse) channel, and in Reflectance I'd be using a middling reflection level and roughness of around 40-50%, with a dielectric / PET type fresnel. I'm sure that sort of thing is easy to recreate in Vray. CBR
  9. I suspect that if we want ultimate realism then Joints are gonna be the way to go here, but I couldn't resist checking my initial suspicion that something much quicker and simpler to orchestrate like a basic Pose Morph doing Points and Position would have issues with keeping the length of each segment during the transition. Here's what happens with just start and end poses... And it does, so I guess we can eliminate that approach from your enquiries ! Which is shame, because it only took a minute or so to sort that out ! Now, we could fix that by doing some int
  10. I don't think that is a bug. I think you need to tick the lock icon which makes the texture BG persist... CBR
  11. OK, that sort of thing should ideally be in the post title to make it clear what you are referring to. But no worries - will move back to Octane. CBR
  12. @Reino Please take care to post in the correct place. Both threads you started today were wrong, and have had to be moved to the relevant sections. CBR
  13. Please take care to post in correct section. Moved to Redshift, as the question is specifically about that functionality. We also need your scene file in most cases to know enough about your setup to be able to answer, so pls upload that too. CBR
  14. Yes I too would say 300 DPI is totally unnecessary here, but also accept that some print shops require it. I would just add that stitching renders together is a thing that people do sometimes if they need images larger than Cinema's biggest render size.. check out the tiled camera preset in Cinema if you do need this. Help for that here. I can't find it in my R23, but pretty sure it was there in R20. CBR
  15. I would say that 1024 px square is simply not big enough. Try baking 4K textures and see if things improve. Additionally Caustics doesn't apply at all in this scene so turn those off straight away - you don't need them, and shouldn't be trying to bake them ! CBR
  16. Displacement, which I think you will heavily need in this scene, depends on evenly spaced polys all the way across and around the model. Yours are pretty even, but not even enough - you need square form polys everywhere for that to work best, rather than inconsistently sized rectangle ones. See those extra loops at the base and half way up your model ? Those have gotta go - you need even poly density everywhere. But if you are doing a still shot, then I would model the 2 halves separately from the outset and build the break into the model, which to be honest, will offer you more co
  17. We would need to see your scene / existing model topology to know enough info to be able to help here. Also do you need to animate the break, or is this for a still shot, like your reference ? CBR
  18. Maybe there is dedicated software, but I am not aware of it either ! It's difficult to know what to do with that until you know exactly how it would be projected in the real world. But seams are inevitable with UV mapping - it is simply not possible to wrap a 2D object around a 3D one like this without one or more of them, so that footage on your reference will have been created specifically and carefully to have a seamless meeting point at the designed seam(s), so the colours at one edge will match those on the other side, so that the join is not noticeable. In less sophisticated setups like
  19. Yip, that's all working fine on a PC (chrome, Win10)... CBR
  20. I set it once at the beginning of every project, to a value that is likely to be useful at the scale of that project, and then expect to change it a few times depending on what I am doing to the model. I don't really consider that an inconvenience. CBR
  21. I would say if you have watched, and adequately understood that course then you shouldn't need more tutorials for a good long while, and the next stage of your learning should be all about the 'doing' rather than watching the videos ! But now you have a solid understanding of the modelling toolset for example, then a whole load of modelling tutorials that were beyond you before should become useful now, because now you should be able to watch (for example) any Youtube modelling tuts in any DCC, and should be able to translate the various tools and techniques used in them to Cinema's own tool
  22. If you are running R23, why did you put R16 Prime in your profile information ?! Please update that so people are not confused. I don't know for sure, because I don't know what version MILG11 was created in, but the slide tool has undergone some changes as it was migrated more fully to the new core. So have other components you have used to get to this point, so it is quite possible that ngon lines are not being placed identically to how that happened in previous versions, which may affect the functionality of subsequent ctrl-sliding. However it does work in R21, and
  23. Yeah, you'll have to narrow that down a bit ! About what specifically ? CBR
  24. Does your computer meet the minimum specs for R23 ? There is a micro seconds delay when I do it, which is so small it doesn't even register with me as a problem. But then again I wouldn't consider the delay you get a problem either ! CBR


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