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  1. Any suggestion on how to create fun mirror with distorted refliction in it?
  2. It would be great! Didn't understand the feature with nulls really. If it the way as on screen rec , it doesn't work either, because mixamo rig is in different position than my character rig. As I do now usually is I take mixamo rigged animation and change it with character mixamo rig the way I need. But whenever I need to make parent constraint , I can't do it to mixamo rig anymore and it bring this object jumping issues.
  3. Thank you! Maybe you know some easy technic (tutorial) of rigging the character the best way without mixamo?
  4. Hi! I am attaching an object to the mixamo animation with charatcer constraint. But in the moment of attachement it is twitching. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1upLIvLLeMVsYQKqC1x35V6aOHqMv-YPn/view?usp=sharing Cinema 4D R21-207 (RC) - [194_Station5_3-c4d _] - Main 2021-05-07 16-18-02.mp4
  5. strange, it has really worked in a new scene)
  6. Hi! i am trying to break the object (phone) with voronoi and connector, but the connector doesn't give any result, what am I doing wrong applying it? https://drive.google.com/file/d/1XD9OWiescqqFa-sEvwth7RGcGDm2PjlX/view?usp=sharing
  7. Hi! I need to export animation of attached to mixamo rig objects to unreal engine. I can't figure out how to do bake it , so that every object didn't have to be attached to anythimg else. All I can have is a hierarchy of files with animation, that unreal can't read. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-TrXgR48qkCpzYmUQM1c5VbB5i5lS7k0/view?usp=sharing Would be greatful for your help!
  8. There is only one option of alembic (.abc) in my case. But I found the solution, just to import animation without pivot point animation and then after MD work I do the final change in animation again in C4D.
  9. I tried just now, but it didn't work . I received a message, that "this file format is not supported in this version"...
  10. Yes, it works in alembic. But I I don't have an option on mac to import alembic animation to Marvelous Designer. And I can't export from alembic to fbx. 2. I export the entire scene
  11. I import mixamo animation and after changed it in motion clip by adding animated pivot point. After exporting in fbx the entire animation is screwed up or the pivot piont animation doesn't work correctly.
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