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  1. Okj. Thanks. Here you go.cartest.c4d.zip
  2. Ok... the hidden object worked. But... now the pieces, when they hit the floor, continue to move; rocking back and forth. ?? I'm gtried adjusting a lot of settings in the dynamics tab on the object and the floor but can't get the pieced to settle. ????
  3. Thanks. I thought of adding another collider but forgot about the tags. Thanks!.
  4. I'm trying to have a small car drive through one of those cylindrical gates that lift up - like at a parking lot. I have the windshield of the car as the rigid object so the front goes under the bar before the crash. I've gotten the fracture to work, but the car crashes the area it goes through and leaves the outside end of the arm floating in air. How do I make the collision cause the entire bar to fall into pieces? Thanks.
  5. Not sure if this is the right forum. So many choices! I'm not an expert... obviously. I occasionally download a free model from TurboSquid or similar site. Nothing major - maybe a chair or plant. Many of these when unzipped, have .mtl files which I am guessing are the materials used with the model. When I merged the model into a project, the materials all show up as black. I can never figure out how to get the materials that (I assume) came with the download. ??? R-22. Thanks
  6. Thanks. Here you go. Also... when I "rewind" the timeline to run again, the text block doesn't re-appear unless I turn hot off in the browser, then back on.? Voronoi sample.c4d
  7. I'm trying to do a simple animation where an object animates through a MoText object to break it apart. I've watched this happen easily in many tutorials. The collider object hits the rigid object and the rigid cracks apart and falls to the ground. When I do this, the the collider hits, the pieces of the rigid text go flying wildly toward the camera. I've tried increasing gravity but that doesn't work. In all the tutorials, nobody seems to have to tweak anything. The pieces just crumble to the ground. What am I NOT doing?
  8. I have a transparent bottle with a label on the front. When I rotate the bottle, the front table shows through in reverse. How do I get a black backing on the front label so the text on the label doesn't show through.
  9. Thanks. Sorry about that. I thought this was the place to post. I'm on R22, Mac. Will try fCurves
  10. I know this is easy but I just can't find a way. I need to ball to roll on a surface - like a putting green - and slowly come to a stop. I set the two keyframes and the ball rolls and DOES seem to ease into the stop, but I'd like it to take a bit more time slowing down and can't find a way to do that. ?? I'm assuming it would be some kind of graph editor, but can't find one.
  11. I'm trying to make a group of objects (like simple capsules) move randomly within a cloner. I used the vibrate tag on the capsule and created the right movement, but when I put it in the cloner, nothing happens. If I put the tag on the cloner, the entire group of 100 capsules moves together. I want them all to be randomly vibrating within the cloner. ???
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