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  1. Does anyone know of a quick way to change the already animated camera to a wider aspect ratio without having re-keyframe everything to be further back? I've been asked to go from a standard 1920x1080 to a ultra wide 1920x500. Modifying the focal length is a quick fix but it comes with the distortion. I wish there was some way to keep what I've already rendered and then render the extended right and left portions separately and composite them back together with the original. - original aspect - modified aspect (cropping occurs)- changing focal length (distortion occurs)
  2. Has anyone ever had any issues when copying and pasting one object/objects from one scene into another? I'm trying to copy a house I built into a citypack model and the scaling and placement of the walls and objects inside gets messed up. I also noticed that when I tried to throw everything into a null object before copying it over into the city scene, that it would do something very similar. I mostly fixed this by removing protection tags and making objects, cloners, instances, and xpresso usages editable. However, it still gives me issues when I try to copy and paste the null group into the city scene. I know I've scaled things in the viewport as well as in the coordinates/attributes dock. Are there things I should be avoiding modeling wise in the future to prevent this?
  3. I'll try and update my drivers once I get the project I'm working on completed. I'm a little hesitant to update things after Mac had an issue with being able to open up the adobe suite after updating my OS way back around 2012. I'm really surprised my gpu is dying so quickly. I'm sure it's not unheard of and I've unboxed a brand new iMac with a couple lines of dead pixel before. @imashination I'm not sure how to check the temperature on this mac pro. As far as I knew, it didn't have anything built-in for that.
  4. Rainbow Glitch Screen of Death.mp4 I have recently been having an issue where C4D will freeze up upon opening or closing the application. It will also happen while the software is in the middle of running (like if I open AE) but it almost always happens during opening or closing. Sometimes the entire computer will crash as the software freezes up and then it will do the glitch screen as it tries to open itself back up after reopening applications. We have plugged in different screens and remotely accessed the computer and it is showing the same glitchy interface. Is there anything I can do to prevent this from occurring? I have noticed it has become increasingly frequent. Attached is a screen recording of it acting up. It was one of the more mild instances of it happening. Usually, the entire screen is flickering abstract rainbows so it's hard for me to capture it. Note: I'm running 6 month old Mac Pro and I use R23 and R24 (both have the same issue). I wanted to rule out any software issues before resorting to return the computer to apple.
  5. @Dez I think they look great! And I'm always happy to listen to any advice offered. 🙇‍♀️
  6. @Igor I'm using the physical render. (still waiting for Maxon to add redshift into their standard package 😉) @Cerbera I'll try adding some more imperfections and see how it goes 👍 I didn't think to use it on standard stainless steel. Actually, I recently finished some engine internals and near the end the client gave me some great reference shots. It was really interesting trying to mimic the machined hatching scratches along the surface. @clarenceOh I didn't think to do that, I just used a standard bland hospital room HDRI . https://polyhaven.com/a/hospital_room
  7. Does anyone has any have any tips or tricks to offer when rendering metal objects? I usually use C4D's built in materials instead of pbr image setups. For lighting, I try and use a mixture of HDRI's and point or area lights. However, I find the renders to be a bit bland especially on the the flat surfaced squared machines I'm trying to make look more interesting. They are supposed to be stainless steel but I wanted them to be a bit more reflective so I mixed it with one of the chromes settings. (know these are a bit noisy but I kept the render settings low) Thanks,
  8. Darn. I was hoping I was oblivious to some secret underground 3D model hub 😆
  9. I've been given a lot of tasks recently that involve making custom city scapes and building interiors/floor plans. As much as I'd like to use purchased stock, I haven't found a whole lot beyond very modern interiors and major metropolitan city scapes. Do you guys know of any sites to purchase libraries/packs of stock models of that nature? Right now I'm on the hunt for more rural scapes (think the midwest instead of California or New York). These are the sites I've been looking through: https://www.turbosquid.com/ https://sketchfab.com/store?ref=header https://www.cgtrader.com/ https://assetstore.unity.com/
  10. Weird, I wonder why they'd stop supporting it. They did the same thing with the Pro Render setting. Thanks for the link! I'll have to give them a watch.
  11. I have to do an animation that includes depth passes and After Effects built in effects for handling them aren't the greatest. That's why I was curious if utilizing DaVinci would be the better option. Probably not since I haver very little experience in the software doing compositing and I noticed that it wasn't listed in the target applications in C4D. So after looking around, I still haven't found any tutorial workflows from C4D's standard renders into DaVinci and was wondering if anyone knew of any other sources of info on the topic.
  12. You've got that unlimited commercial license so you should be good. We had an old perpetual version of R18 we had to get reinstalled on my computer when I joined up. The Maxon team is pretty fast to respond in the event that you have any issues once that subscription license stops working.
  13. Has anyone else had issues of their slave render machines dropping off during a render without giving an error. My master machine continues on doing all the renders by itself. There are almost 3k frames in this scene so I'd rather no wait for one machine to get all the work done. I'm using two 12-Core Pros and four M1 Mac Minis. Haven't had an issue with them doing this until now. They are all still utilizing the same version of C4D and no plugins were used in this scene. 2051832809_TeamRenderErrors.mp4
  14. I still can't figure it out. I opened an older version of the file and it works but when I try and load the same png sequence into a new file/texture, it doesn't work. Screen Recording 2021-06-18 at 8.33.57 AM.mp4
  15. I may have been getting my software mixed up on what can and cannot utilize png sequences. I ended up re-rendering the sequence as an mp4 and made another filled/inverted in AE for the alpha channel. This was an an old file handed off to me and the previous person must have got it to work somehow. So I am still curious on how they did it.
  16. I've got a file that uses a png sequence texture as part of the animation. For some reason, I can't get it to load. I turned on the animation preview and nothing. What am I doing wrong? I don't remember having an issue with this in the past. (I cut the 470 of the frames so that the file would upload) Arrow Texture Test.c4d Tex_Arrow_Rev2.zip
  17. I received a file to make modifications to and when I hit render, everything turns this bright red. I'm assuming it's because the original creator of the file used redshift. When I replace the material with a standard C4D texture, it's fixed. I know that there is a "convert materials" button to get standard materials into redshift materials but is there a way to change them back to standard materials? I've never used Redshift before and I don't have the time to try and learn its odds and ends to try and get this scene to work again. Thanks
  18. I looked into Houdini for a little while but the nodes always intimidate me. They are becoming standard for software like DaVinci, Nuke and 3D Texture applications like in Blender and Redshift so I guess I should just accept them and get used it it. 😆
  19. When I first dove into blender back in 2011, I absolutely hated it. We were using C4D in college and the interface actually made sense and was easier to navigate for me. The only reason I had even considered looking into it is because it had the ability to run fluid and smoke simulations without any costly plugins. I only returned back to Blender when they finally redid their entire interface and made their hotkeys available in industry standard. It also had a gltf capabilities which my old static version of C4D was sorely missing. They've come a long way and all the other industry standard software should be sweating a bit because Blenders growth rate has exploded when compared with their own. And unlike Blender, which is free to anyone, these major players expect a high monthly subscription fee. If my company wasn't paying my licensing fee's, I would consider switching over to blender entirely. Any newbie on a tight budget should do the same.
  20. I wish I could but I can only upload an exported piece of what I've already imported into C4D and I don't think that'll help since polygons are already missing at that point. Can't upload a full client product model. 😔
  21. Does anyone know how to fix this .stp import issue? It looks like the edge attach points are missing. The entire model looks like this and I've opened it in C4D, FreeCAD, and CAD Assistant.
  22. Mine isn't quite there yet but here was my quick attempt.
  23. As long as the render times aren't crazy insane, I've got a bit of horsepower for renders. We've got 2 new Mac Pros with 12 cores each and AMD Radeon Pro Vega II 32 GB graphics cards and we just added 4 new mac minis with the M1 chips which have 8 cores each. Did you have a scene in mind? I'm still trying to navigate the new asset browser and the lighting setups I've found so far haven't taught me anything new.
  24. If I wanted to render an animation like this or this, would it be possible to do inside of C4D's built-in render engines? Or would I need to look into 3rd party renderers. Does anyone have keywords or tutorial links I should look into? Thanks in advance.
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