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  1. Sikorsky


    Thank you very much guys, this is very helpful, learned a lot from this. @Hrvoje that is exactly what I need. I love this site 👍
  2. That is great setup thank you so much! first time i see interpolate node used in scene
  3. Sikorsky


    Thanks a lot Cairyin, I do have a good idea what should happen but making it work is not easy since i experienced object going into negative direction. Did you try t o build it with nodes? Yes, that would be it 🙂
  4. Sikorsky


    thanks, I maybe was not clear enough - > my fault Object is driven by time not keys...
  5. Sikorsky


    Hi, another one from me : ) How to make object slowdown in motion over time? say i have a cube that moves with each frame but i want to gradually ease it motion to full stop
  6. Hi all I would need an object to be constrained to spherical surface which is relatively easy however I have problem with abrupt changes in orientation once I "cross" any edge. Also I need ability to freely place the objcet on surface, so pretty much same as constrain tag we have but in nodes thanks for any help
  7. Thanks guys, that helps alot. Wish you would put up more example, nodes look very capable but we are missing examples like this!
  8. how can I get previous position? In xpresso this is built into nodes. I need to get position information for moving object to determine direction vector. Any help is greatly apreciated
  9. phew, did not know this can be done, fab : )
  10. Sikorsky


    Thanks, that is good to know, much obliged : )
  11. Sikorsky


    I'm searching through nodes but there seems to be no particles available?? Would need a simple emission where I could attach some random objects. If anybody has a solution i would be very thankfull
  12. I'm trying to find a way to picking random value from array of points with some constrain. ideally would need minimum and maximum range from which it would pick, any pointers? thanx
  13. sheees that is some serious cash, seems unity is seriously gearing up
  14. Those are really impressive thank you for the link!
  15. Courses are top notch, made by Maxon dude, I have them all and they are worth every penny
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