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  1. typical case of чушь собачья vs truth srek, you are frequent here and I see lot of your posts, what went wrong here? can you speak up for company?
  2. so big supporter is Maxon, right? if that is the case why did they cut it? that doesnt make sense
  3. Those are really impressive thank you for the link!
  4. Courses are top notch, made by Maxon dude, I have them all and they are worth every penny
  5. 50 pages, omg people that is some long read there. It is nice to see mdoerators let some fiery talk but some of the stuff was really nasty. Yes, seems R25 is thin but I really like the interface changes!
  6. @Hrvoje great material. Your trainings top notch and dwarf other stuff out there. Whoever tried recording some edu videos will find that it is very difficult to do. Can I ask what your role in Maxon is?
  7. Hello people How can I get inputs from output collection or sub channel? for example, I have cube and want to check if fillet is enabled or not. I failed to find a way to retreive this info thanks
  8. Finished with training - well done buddy, i can imagine it was a lot of work to make it. Nice to see you got endorsed by Maxon on twitter Do you have some more training material in plan?
  9. Hrovje This course is absolutely mind blowing and in all honesty I did not expect that nodes were this good. Bolt is ugly and complicated when compared to this. Not sure if people really get what game changer this and kudos for this get. loops are a bit tough but compared to what I am used to are much better 🙂 I'm curios to see when training 3 is out? you mention that at end of second one? btw do you have expirience with Bolt nodes?
  10. Excellent, keep 'em coming!
  11. You are very good, love the training. I am still struggling to shift from Bolt into this but I like that I can declare variables in the nodes themself plus nodes look much better than in Unity
  12. fab! Purchased, hope I can be boring with questions, my mind is wired into Unity and will need some adaptation to cinema!
  13. Good, good I like that, thank you . One thing that is deal breaker for me is that I cant seem to export what I do with scene node. am I missing something?
  14. Hello I'm new here 🙂 Question for trainer please. I look at lessons and see 'spherical deformer', 'align to spline' , tracer etc Are this 1:1 copies from Cinema in node system? Is it just basic thing or complete features? hope you understand my question thanx
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