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  1. Thank you. Poliigon for the win on the tiles.
  2. Simple practice scene. Working on a cooking show set, so buying some new assets.
  3. Thanks everyone! I love that it's already built in, but I added 7zip too, mostly for RAR unpacking. Love this community.
  4. Hmmm - I didn't know that Mash - I'll try it out and check out your links. Thank you both! e.
  5. Hello, It pains me every time I am working on my windows machines that I can't right click and just choose Compress like I can on my Macs. I have winzip and hate it and how it has infested my machine with startup spam. Any alternatives that you love? Ideally, I can right click and just zip something up before sending or uploading. Happy to pay - Any thoughts appreciated. Thanks, -Evan
  6. I've jumped into this last week and am loving it. I've never worked with Megascans before and it's pretty amazing stuff. Here's some screen grab from day 01: Made for Instagram - hence the weird size. More soon - just got swallowed up in client work, but back to this soon.
  7. I watched a bunch of these: https://www.youtube.com/c/pinkpocketTV I'll say upfront - they aren't great tutorials: but it did get me acquainted with the idea of Megascans and setting up a sky/sun system very quickly. After watching a lot of game centric tutorials and not feeling it with Unreal, this opened my eyes to the fact that with UE5 you can just dump stuff in and get it going quickly. I found it liberating. Also - this guys stuff seems pretty good in diving deeper into understanding Lumen https://www.youtube.com/c/WilliamFaucher
  8. Volumetrics for stage lighting - Not nearly up to Redshift standards, of course, but easy to use. Very VRAM intensive.
  9. So there is a full body rig already in place for metahumans that works pretty well. Clothes are part of the Metahuman creator, but I've just been playing with stock characters so far, so I don't know how extensive the options are.
  10. Unclear to me at this point. Posing is the next thing for me to figure out. I think the clothing options are pretty limited, but I'm only working with a prefab character so far.
  11. Understood, but I thought SSS was broken in Lumen for UE5. Google shows me that was only for early access and it's fixed now. 🤷🏻
  12. Hi, those are all from the Forester extension pack 2, but I played with the materials and upped the translucency. Rendered with Corona.
  13. No SSS on the Skin since its a game engine. Never going to be perfect, but it's pretty good for what it is. I also tossed two point lights in there, so lighting is unforgiving at this point. Started playing with the face rig.
  14. Playing with Metahumans inside of Unreal.
  15. Weirdly, it was Hans Wegner's birthday 4 days ago.
  16. First jump into Unreal Editor 5 and Megascans. Lots to learn and not much to show for it yet, but holy crap is this fun.
  17. I would also add to this good list of notes that the reflections in the metal have nothing to do with the roof surround. The tone of the roof tiles would tint and alter the look of the lower metal sides. Also check your perspective. Have you looked into shadow catchers at all or camera calibration? There are techniques for placing 3d objects into 2d images.
  18. HI - thank you. I would just give away the scene, but there are material and lighting assets in there I'm not authorized to share, but here is a breakdown. The chair model is free on CGTrader.com The lighting HDR map is from https://www.pingo.nu/vfxtools and there are some free samples - I believe the one I used is part of the free samples, but downsized. Materials are straight from Polligon.com, though I add a color correction to the wood diffuse and usually dial in the reflection myself, but minimal tweaking. Just using a standard Shadow Catcher material to create a seamless background. I'm using a LUT inside of Corona, but no prost production. I played with camera settings ISO: 1600 and F-Stop at F-16.
  19. One more from the flower series: Allium
  20. Haven't y'all heard: cement is going subscription...
  21. For the flowers and the chairs, I've been trying no post work at all, but I am using some tone mapping adjustments and LUT in render. Avoiding using exposure adjustment and have turned on photographic exposure in the camera, so adjusting brightness with film speed and f stop. Highlight compression around 4 or 5 Contrast up to 4 I can't remember which LUTs I use, but I usually knock down the strength of it to 50% The art gallery fountain shots I did last week were graded in post and I feel like I get heavy handed and mushy with images really quickly. So these were and experiment in getting it set in render and leaving it. As is.
  22. It's true - it is not zippy. Mostly I want them to stay CPU so they keep all their focus on one track and keep maturing the software at a good pace. I haven't tried v8 yet as I'm mid way though too many projects to change over now, but there are some nice new features like Splicer. 04.02 Montbretia & Cenizo
  23. It is true, I put a lot of effort into generating defects, after years of trying to hide them in photos. Lately I've been trying to off-center and angle my render cameras a bit. So easy to dial it in to 0 on X and 90 on H. A few degrees off makes a difference.

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