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  1. More Sub D practice. It's still dense and lots of mistakes, but each one gets better, so I just need lots of practice. All quads though, just too many of them
  2. Thanks Igor - this looks cool! I also just signed up as a contributor - thanks for making this place run!
  3. This is the weirdest self portrait I've ever seen
  4. Hi, Xpresso lightweight here. We have a show with multiple pieces of scenery that have multiple area lights attached to them. I'm trying to control the intensity and the color of the lights from one control setup. For the intensity, it's as simple as a Set Driver on one of the lights and Set Driven (Absolute) on the other lights and it works great. When I try this on the color, however, it doesn't work. Looking for recommendations on a simple way to link this up? I'm using Corona renderer and Corona lights if that makes any difference (though I can't imagine it would). Than
  5. A ha! I was going backwards and that makes sooooo much more sense. Thank you.
  6. Okay - I'm back to you with the dumbest question ever......... @Cerbera How did you make the initial plane where some of the edges are connected, but others aren't internally. I figured I could just make a plane, cut it up with Line cut and uncheck Connect Cut edges...but I was wrong. Or are you making strips and then stitch and sewing only certain edges together. I know...Its still the basic stuff that trips me up. Thanks again!
  7. Dude! This is exactly what I need. Engineers smarter then me will figure it out for real, we just need a visual to open the conversation and show our intension. I have never used pose morph - thank you for the methodology. I'll learn how to use it. I'll show you the research when I'm back in the office. It's a paper castle with multiple stacked stairs. Thanks for putting time and thought into this!
  8. Uh oh - lighting guy in the rigging section....beware. I know very little about rigging, though I've used Cinema for many many years. I'm working on a new show that needs to have a full stage flying scenery piece that can box fold from flat into a dimensional structure. See attachment for the basic idea of what I'm trying to do. This image is just a basic one I clipped off the web. The actual piece is a much more complex silhouette of a medieval castle. But proof of concept first. I have played around with hinge connectors and dynamics a bit, but am not getting any
  9. Well Sketchbook 03 just maxed me out. It hit 12,500 views - so thank you all for looking! Time to start fresh with Sketchbook 04, so here we go. Working on modeling and put together this Art Nouveau Armoire. I modelled the base cabinet in Vectorworks and then moved it to Cinema for the detail work (carving) as well as materials, lights, render, etc. This is using Corona 6 with R23. Thanks for looking - away we go.
  10. Hi, Cool start! I feel like the lighting is unmotivated I. E. Like there is a huge invisible sphere floating above the scene. It's not sunlight, and it's not coming from the street lamp, so it feels a bit weird. I would also tone down your white materials a bit. I usually use 70-80% grey for white objects. Your sidewalk is burning out so we have no contrast or shadows for the tables. Keep going! And try some other lighting options.
  11. I came for the clay. I stayed for the SSS.
  12. Yes to all of your questions. Relative scale of surrounding objects is key. You could also play with composition and smaller camera lensing to make it look more like it's looming over us.
  13. Looking good. I think it's hard to adapt a character that is so ingrained in our culture as 2d, but this is getting there. I remember an old episode where Bart goes into some kind of 3d wormhole and they did a sequence with him rendered out as a model and it felt a lot like this. Curious to see where this lands.
  14. Looks cool! I'd love to see some more wear and tear on the larger blue areas, which is looking a bit plastic like. Keep going!
  15. Yes, excellent! Thank you both for your hard work!
  16. Hi - are you doing the exploded views manually or are you using an effector with offset? Looks so cool! I've done them, but never that organized. e.
  17. EAlexander

    Ellie 3.0

    Looking good - can't wait to see her shoes and hear her backstory.
  18. Loving the subtle wireframe overlay!


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