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  1. Don't know if it is "exclusively" made in c4d, but I believe Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs is mostly C4d driven.
  2. Its so subjective and there are hardware realities to consider as well. I've started looking at render engines like Cameras. Some people like to shoot on Canon, some like to shoot on Nikon, some prefer...... I think less about tests of seconds but which one feels better and is more instinctive to me. Corona is this hands down for me - easily the easiest render engine I've ever learned and great images right out of the box. But I don't do animations, or heavy vfx, or characters, so it's going to be so different for everybody and I don't pretend to think it's the best solution for anyone else. Without the render wars, though, we would still be yelling at random strangers online about mac vs. PC, pepsi vs. Coke, or the z-brush interface.
  3. You could exclude the floor from the area light so it doesn't light it or show its reflections. Then you could build a secondary lighting system just for the floor that excludes the car. This way you can have control over both.
  4. Yes, this is great. Never heard of that site before - thanks for letting us know. e.
  5. My all time favorite, not Cinema, but well related, is Carey Smith of Division05. https://youtube.com/c/Division05
  6. Yes yes yes! Looking good and excited to see what else you do and try.
  7. So I think it's breaking down for me that when I am doing architectural or exterior work, the volumetric system in Corona works very nicely, and I don't find the wait times too bad - I don't do animations, so if it needs an hour over lunch, no biggie. I upgraded from 10 cores to 32 cores a few months ago and this makes a huge difference. For concerts and work where I'm trying to design an entire stadiums lighting system, I'll stick to Redshift where I can dial it in per light and it doesn't need to be butter smooth. Single bounce is more then fine for that.
  8. Okay Corona - I take back every bad thing I said about your volumetrics. I just didn't know how to use them correctly. Actually a nice system that cleans up very fast. This is not a perfect example and is pretty heavy handed, but I'm trying to dial in the look and then I can back off the volume later. My only wish is I could have an option for lights to exclude being affected by the volume (yes, I know this is not realistic), but it's extremely handy in Redshift for sneaking in extra hidden rim lights on objects.
  9. More sky RnD - this time with displaced terrain inside of Corona. Trying to get more comfortable with exteriors as I've always rendered interiors or shows/concerts and I want to know more about Corona displacement capabilities and how to use it better. Finally feel like I have atmospheric volumetrics under control....somewhat.
  10. More sky system RnD with Corona and post. Color feels wonky. Still working.
  11. Exterior Sky and volumetric RnD for a current project. Been relearning how to properly use HDRIs and volumetrics in Corona renderer with help from www.thecommonpoint.com tutorials. Using HDRIs from www.pgskies.com. Fully into R25 now - I love the new layout.
  12. So when you are stretching the whole stool left and right or front and back - are the sizes of the legs staying the same diameter? i.e. when you pull sideways - does the leg go from square to rectangle, or is this parametric constrained where the leg size isn't changing? Make sense?
  13. I'm saying Sketchup.....
  14. Nice! I agree with Cerbera's notes. I think you can kill the webcam while modeling. One thing that people also ways ask me for in my tutorials is to have keystrokes appear on screen. I used to use a little Mac app called Mousepose for this, but now that I'm mostly windows, I haven't looked for an app yet, but I'm sure there are tons of options. Can be helpful to see shortcuts as you use them. Looking forward to the series! e.
  15. Ha - yes, hardware certainly isn't your issue then. Also - try a pass with RS set to medium or even high and see what the difference is and what the time change is. Maybe high is good enough. Good luck.
  16. So much of this comes down to how well your scene and geometry is optimized and your hardware specs, not just the lighting. So it's hard to troubleshoot time questions remotely - for example - is that Medicine shop made up of hundreds and hundreds of separate objects? Is your gpu 8 years old? My suggestion is to try rendering a frame with the volumetric haze off: what does this do to your render time? What if you have a few smaller uplights for haze instead of one big massive one - does that help render time? Are there 8K textures on some random prop/dressing item that is far from camera? Try to isolate things and see if you can track down what is costing the most time and is it worth it or can it be optimized. There is no easy fix other then playing and learning about optimization and what and how your specific hardware and GPU performs.
  17. Amazing dude - so fresh and so clean! Nice work by Kane too on the renders.
  18. Holy hell Dave - that is a lot of speculation there. Are you aware that Vectorworks, Nemetschek's flagship product, does not have the subscription model that Cinema 4d does?
  19. Lots of good advice in here already. I also try to think about what is happening in the house behind the camera? What does this kitchen butt up against - a living room with lots of windows? A small hallway? While your big window is the motivational driver for the lighting (and I really agree with Everfresh here on the intensity and overall darkness/contrast) - there would be light coming at it from the camera side too. That might be another window we can't see, overhead lighting or lamps, or even just bounce off a near by wall. So think about that a bit to balance it out. Don't be afraid to look at other renders or photos to try and emulate lighting - see attached. Keep going! This is how we learn.
  20. That virus cell doesn't stand a chance against a tank 🙂 Looking cool in here all around!
  21. I should have been clearer - the problem I'm having is with the RS Render Viewer hanging up. Render to Picture viewer works fine for final renders, but any work I do with the render viewer just borks and I have to restart the whole application. Seems to work fine in R23, so this is specific to R25 as far as I can tell. I submitted a ticket to tech support this morning 🙂
  22. Volumetric stage light RnD with Redshift and R25. Getting lots of Redshift hangs and need to force quit Cinema to get it back...like anytime I make a change in the scene. I updated gpu drivers, but no help. Still troubleshooting.
  23. Just throwing this out there: Corona and Arnold are Cpu based renderers that are amazing and run well on macs. Corona is my favorite. These come with a cost, of course, but just know that being on Mac doesn't take you out of the conversation for 3rd party renderers.
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