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  1. Hmm. It says EmberGen is available for both Studio and Enterprise users on the announcement page. Also on the rental page. Although, for me, perpetual Enterprise is the only way. Studio is too limiting with no more than 2 GPUs and no network rendering. So I wouldn't know if it's actually available under Studio downloads page. Just assuming.
  2. Just as a side note in case anybody didn't know. An older EmberGenFX 0.5.6 is free for Octane users as well as World Creator. Downloadable from otoy.com. I have Octane, but I haven't tried the freebies out yet.
  3. I can't believe I missed him too. 3DFluff is an amazing teacher. He always makes me feel like I'm learning the juicy hidden secrets of Cinema 4D.
  4. It's changed over time, but way back in the day: Base80 - it was nice to follow along with text and images rather than videos Tim Clapham for sure. When I bought R15/R16 he was invaluable and I still buy his tutorials to date. Vertex Pusher of course. Cineversity-wise: Dr. Sassi - for general 3D info and technical deep dives into every aspect of C4D. I've probably watched more of his videos than any other teacher--many, many hours. Tim Clapham comes in 2nd probably for number of hours. Kai Pedersen - for more practical, specific stuff
  5. dfred

    Animated Text

    Even though it's more complex, I'm pushing myself to do everything in Scene Nodes just so I can get better at it. That's awesome, Hrvoje. Get Element was the missing piece and nice not having to do extra Matrix Op.
  6. dfred

    Animated Text

    I couldn't figure out how to animate text using effectors and fields, so I looped through characters in a string and stored them in an array. Any pointers would be great. Thanks. HelloSceneNodesDF_v001.c4d
  7. In After Effects, you can type UU to see all changed parameters. I'm wondering if the Attributes Manager has something similar where it will show only those parameters not at default value. I'm not seeing that option in the filters. Thanks.
  8. Ha! Much simpler. Thanks for the tip.
  9. That worked great. I was able to use a standalone Value node with a simple line break. I'm sure there's an easier way to build this though: nSquaredWithLineBreak_v003.c4d
  10. I'm not sure the project uploaded correctly, but I'm just trying to pipe concatenated strings into a Text Primitive with line breaks. LineBreakExample_v001.c4d

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