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  1. excellent choice Nigel
  2. yes I remember that. he also had a a great extending pipes tutorial where there were three pipes and they all extended out without coming out from each other. also his cardman which taught motion and he did an orrery tutorial. any old heads remember Rafi in US support. in a post all you had to do was say Rafi and everyone knew who you were talking about. those were the daze.
  3. I was always a hobbyist but I invested a lot of time with this community. I come back because it became part of me and not keeping in touch is somewhat like leaving friends behind. it is difficult. I come back to see some of the old heads.
  4. remember how long ago it was that they announced a new core and kinda hinted "it was around the corner"? was it R16, R17? I can't remember but then I've slept once or twice and had a beer or three.
  5. you might not be Kwisatz Haderach but one needs to be a mentat to figure out whats going on
  6. to interject a bit of humor in this tense thread. this actually happened at Houdini yesterday Houdini users have been waiting for latest release H19. I received an email yesterday (tuesday) from SideFx saying "dear H19 beta user. these are areas which have been updated for H19, a link to latest beta release, a link showing what all is updated, and more importantly when live version would be released. me: oh cool, I'm a beta tester and didn't know it. clicking like a fiend I found none of the links worked. about an hour later there was a post from one of the heads as SideFx saying "oops, we inadvertently sent that beta tester email almost all Houdini users." LOL now we know what is updated and when to expect it to be released. too funny
  7. technically Houdini already is subscription, like my Indie license is $299 yr or $400 for two. one key difference is if I stop paying Indie reverts to Apprentice it does not become vaporware. another key difference is if I go a year or two with Apprentice and then switch back to Indie I don't have to sell the house or car to get to current version. this may change then it might not
  8. hi Dave, I am a hobbyist and was a long term C4D user with Prime. I dutifully paid my MSA because the cost of skipping a version was higher than Prime MSA. then you did away with Prime and latter went to subscription. Doing away with Prime felt like a stab in the back, then a series of lackluster releases was deflating but subscription model pushed me over the edge and away from C4D. I am using Houdini Indie, pay $400 for two years, yeah you could call it subscription and it is BUT if I don't renew Houdini DOES NOT STOP WORKING, it reverts to Apprentice with is fully functional with a few limitations. I am sure there are things looking in your crystal ball you can't discuss and wish you and Cinema/Maxon well. I like to see how things are going in my old stomping grounds.
  9. Maxons subscription model is reason I jumped ship , that and weak releases, promises of "UV tools are coming"
  10. very well done, love your procedural approach to it and the Nordic alphabet
  11. question on your modeling. how did you move/slide your edges/points?
  12. thank you and you are correct on both that render (done in Mantra) and Clay Renders
  13. oh yeah. Houdini WARNING - save early save often. Houdini has a tendency to crash unexpectedly
  14. a word of warning about Houdini tutorials, there are some very good tutorials but use an "older" version of Houdini (pre H17.5) which use tools/nodes which have been deprecated or merged into one tool. I have followed some C4D tutorials using Houdini it help with understanding Houdini modeling. this bracket is from Making it look Great 11. all quads, holes modeled - not booled. I was in a rush so ignore the light on right.
  15. very well done Igor. very nice model
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