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  1. Yes, it is doable but it is not trivial. Also, I don't see a reason why this shouldn't be doable without scene nodes. Basically it is a bunch of splines wrapped to another spline 🙂
  2. Unfortunately there is no new line support yes, something we will add for sure, however, you can change the UI on value node to multiline string and use that if it helps. Check the attached scene multi_string.c4d
  3. Another example Scene Breakdown: roughly 2,5 million voxel cubes If you open the scene you will notice that very dense mesh is used to generate huge amount of non intersecting voxels which lead to final result. Navigation is smooth and fast. Viewport is already set to fast shading, do not change it! This is not possible with MoGraph voxel.c4d
  4. Hi folks I was asked on pm to show a scene which "proves" major performance increase with scene nodes over MoGraph cloning. Here is a small setup which illustrates how capable node system is: Scene breakdown: 50000 rocks, gazillion polygons, distribution algorithm is preventing overlaps as much as possible If you load the scene as is you will notice that navigating is practically impossible since it is very slow and unresponsive, practically not usable. - Click in the empty space in node graph - Change the viewport to fast shading mode Now you can smoothly navigate the viewport on single mid level consumer graphics card. I would like to stress that system is not yet optimized for playback and full performance Rocks.c4d
  5. Documentation has to be updated. Selection to Indices is get selection node but name was misleading. The node will output index value for any selection that is stored in stream. For example: You can have a selection with some predefined keyword Or you can get a custom selection
  6. I have put cache under quotes for a reason. Think of it as importing mesh or splines into graph itself, so you don't need object in object manager. This means you can for example create generators with custom objects etc
  7. Yes, this is due to performance reasons. Preset system works only for classic stuff - wip 🙂 btw you can ctrl+dag polygon or spline from object manager into nodes graph and have it "cached" there, not sure if you know that
  8. @Sandidolsak In imported object enabled time dependent, that will force evaluation of animated data
  9. Workflow is 100% compatible. Capsule is simply a template group node. You build whatever you want then place it in the group which corresponds to what you made ( spline primitive, selection, modifier etc), save as asset and you just drag and drop into object manager and it works 🙂
  10. Try this, I used different approach and with nodes - sorry, didn't see it was python specific topic 🙂 rot_diff.c4d
  11. One tip: Instead of referencing objects from old object manager, you can ctrl+drag any polygon or spline object into nodes graph and "cache" it, so it becomes pure geometry object contained within the graph
  12. You can also use some predefined stuff here - copy&paste from doc re you can enter the name of the selection that you want to read out. Otherwise, the active selection will be used. You can also use special keywords and logical operations here to create a new selection from scratch or a combination of already saved selections. The following keywords and operations can be used: default: If the geometry already has an active selection, it will be used for the output. If no selection is active, all elements of the chosen type will be used. odd: All elements of the chosen type that have an odd index will be selected. even: All elements of the chosen type that have an even index will be selected. all: All elements of the chosen type will be selected. hidden: Hidden elements will get selected. Name of a saved selection: Use the name of a stored selection to make it active. Take care to use quotes with selection names. You can also use a combination of a saved selection and another keyword or selection. Index string: You can use index numbers directly as you would with the “Index Array from String” Node. Using operations: You can use mathematical and logical operations to combine or subtract selections. Using the string odd – “center” for instance selects all odd elements and then subtracts the selection that has been stored by the name “center”. You can use +, -, & (logical and), | (logical or) as well as a comma to combine multiple selections or index sequences For those built in selections you don't need to use quotes. so use odd instead of "odd" for example. Only names selections use quotes
  13. Tried "Angle Between" node? You can get angle between two vectors. Also, can you post a scene file? Trying to get a sense of what what is the end goal, there might be a different approach. From the last file you posted is looks as though you are simply looking to decay...?
  14. You can do selections by using "select" node and designate the selection you want to use. Check the scene 🙂 NODE Windows from Polygons_mod.c4d
  15. You can do this easily with fields, check the attached scene 🙂 Field_color.c4d
  16. Seems that setup is working as you want it to work? Each clone is gradually receiving intended color...?
  17. Hey Sandi That was an easy on e to make 🙂 I am afraid you can't write to UV tag but you certainly can import UV's from tag and process them to mesh in Neutron.
  18. Oh, I recall that movie with a kid in spaceship 🙂
  19. I see you have S24, why not do it within Neutron? 🙂 So, if I understood you correctly, you want the clones to get some rotation data based on incoming value...?
  20. Hrvoje

    MAXON is hiring!

    Hi folks : ) MAXON is hiring with many open positions, check them here: https://www.maxon.net/en/about-maxon/careers
  21. Thanks for the input! Scene nodes have to be more complex by definition. To illustrate the point, you have Objects, MoGraph and Xpresso currently which gives you some separation. In nodes they are all contained within unified environment with scene manager as abstraction of it. I understand the set driver / driven argument but that is solvable with UI change where subchannels become accessible on node. I was wondering if there are any other examples so we can check them out while there is a lot of room for changes and improvement 🙂
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