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  1. im pleased overall with the UI and preset changes. the biggest little thing that annoys me the total lack of any redshift assets.. its been a while now and the lack of materials or objects with redshift materials is surprising.
  2. looking for a suggestion. Using cloner, I have three objects cloning along a path.. I need to be able to specify. that the first 20 are Object A, then 10 Object B, then 5 Object C. so they show up in right order. any way to achieve this?
  3. Performance I can buy.. Add another GPU.. more Ram.. Convenience might actually save me more time, . I have Multiple GPU.. Use one for renderview.. use the 2nd for previews and when done join the renderview crunch.
  4. My biggest UI/Workflow problem with C4d & redshift is the fact that the Material preview / Material Nodes dont update previews in real time if renderview is active. I realize there is some limitation. But I really hope it gets resolved. .. even allow the CPU to render previews while GPU does renderview. really hoping this gets fixed soon. Please! 🙂
  5. I am happy to see Prorender gone and forgotten.. Redshift should be the default render choice with C4D. included as standard.
  6. But then when RS is added to C4D, shouldn't Assets be revealed/included in the Asset browser? Since its under the same umbrealla now.. Why not just add them.. for users that Do opt to install redshift. and if a user doesnt use redshift.. when they select a redshift section of the asset browser you can show an Ad to try and get them add on redshift.
  7. Curious why no redshift assets are included in Asset browser by default?
  8. Oh common. they are just being silly.. nothing wrong with NFT's.. who cares.. a few swag tshirts.. big deal..
  9. I like the New Logo I like DirectX now being used I love the new Place tools (thank you) I like the Scene editor I like the Shadow trick to eyeball placement (very helpful) I like the Dynamic Fill and Scatter Pen.. For my workflow I like this release!
  10. I hope the new asset manager.. includes redshift materials for all assets.. and all objects will pull down redshift materials if you have redshift installed.
  11. Redshift offers its plugin for other 3D Packages and is coming out with Blender version soon, no reason why Insydium couldn't be the same setup,
  12. The New Scene Nodes look very interesting and I think they should have kept the Neutron name. really Like: remesh, Multi UV Pose Library Deformer improvements Wish MAXON would Purchase X-particles and integrate it remove ProRender Make Redshift the default material set & renderer Offer Indie version of "MAXON One" for $10/month
  13. Blender is getting better and better and fast!
  14. New RT engine coming soon with Redshift is similar and easier to implement. Hoping it will be actual real time.
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