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  1. Jops

    octane vs redshift

    I would have been 100% with you on rendertimes even 3 years ago. But with the new grafics cards and speed increases in octane it is really no thing anymore. You can of cource kill every sceene by doing unnecesarry things (push all boxes) but octane on modern hardware is fast enough for animation work without a doupt. You can still render faster in redshift, but then you will have to make the calculation how much money spare time is worth. optimizing a project for a day, or buy a additional grafics card.
  2. Jops

    octane vs redshift

    if you are trying to archive realistic results (filmic) go for octane. It is by far the easiest render engine to achive realistic render results, If you need a versatile renderer for multi purpose go for redshift. it is much harder to get realistic looking results, but it is a full fledged production render and can basically do what ever you like. as both are available for subscription you can easily rent each for one month and decide yourselves.
  3. alternatively you can delete all points of the grid that are outside of the cylinder and delete them. the select all points that are on the edge (that you want on the radius line. Store selection. create a spherify modifier and make it a child. attach a restriction tag. link the stored selection tag to the restriction tag and use the radius in the modifier to match your desired sphere shape.
  4. judging from the first generation of M chips they will be super efficient, and most probably also be very performant. My guess is, that they will compete with workstations as notebooks might be no match. If it outperforms the competition it can be priced accordingly and in contrast to the Mac Pro these Notebooks are (most propably) unreached in performance, therefore I think that the prices are acceptable. It is actually the first time since the old cheese grater that the price seems acceptable for me. I would love it to be a pc notebook, but never the less I am happy, as competition is good for development. remember the days that intel was lonely on the top of CPU developement. nearly 10 years of near stagnation. Now we have 3 competing CPUs und even 4 competing GPUs with intel and apple also in the game. I am really eager to see those benchmarks.
  5. c4d always used to have a may frame limit, but I don't know if this still is the case. Calculating always helps me to understand things like that so lets go. 12 hours are 43.200 seconds with 30 fps that would be 1.296.000 frames if every frame needs just 15 seconds to render that would take one computer 225 Days of rendering. (please someone recalc that) that is obviously not practical. Just render 1 frame per second would result in 7,5 days of rendering. that could be, like MJV said timerewarped. but do not underestimate the claculation time for that (if it takes 1 second per frame it will need an other 15 Days. Data handling is gonna be also very difficult. everything is gonna need ages. a image sequence of 5MB pngs would be 6.5 Terrabyte of harddisk space. all this doesn't sound great. I would generate one masterframe as start and end of severall long loops. lets say 10 to 15 min. then you can make a playlist in a player to orchastrate them like you need them for the 12 hours.
  6. those M chips really look very impressive. hopefully the PC world will be able to catch up 🙂 soon. I am not really into these closed ecosystems 🙂
  7. hey Igor, the sound is very good. Absolutely nothing to complain about here. Your written english is very good (prooven in this forum over and over again) but writing and speaking are two very different things. I really am in no position to criticize you but what I do when I do not feel completely confident in the language i present in, is: I capture the video and talk to it in my own language. then translate the text and record it while reading loud. (to get your spoken text out of the video youtube subtitel algorythm might help. for translations I love deelp.com) after that I put it back on the video. This workflow has some advantages. 1. you dont get pauses into the video that might turn your listeners down. 2. you really can say what you want to and find the correct translation after wards instead of fighting your way around a word you don't know. 3. even though you basically do it twice. It might be more rewarding and maybe even quicker, because the risk to have to start over and over again is minimized. You can not be picture in picture all the time, but for me this is the least important feature (seeing the presenter at the beginning is nice though) good luck with all that, Jops
  8. You are absolutely entitled to you option. But you really have to state them without personal assaults. It does't help anybody - not the forum, not the user, and also not yourself.
  9. Icecaveman If you read this again, you will shure recognize, that this goes to far. Don't you think? But Everyone gets carried away once in a while.
  10. I have to give you maxon guys credit for the communication on the last view pages. For me It is a big difference to Maxons normal way of communicating. You might not able to see it or to maintain it in the future, but the first 35 pages resulted in you explaining instead of just using the standard phrases like " we are listening to you" without any further explanation. You gave more insights then normally in a year. And you try to make yourself understood by sharing information and reasoning. Keeping this up would be a good step to a better understanding and less frustration. That doesn`t mean, that I think everything is clear now, as unlogic und unexplained decisions by maxon still persist (big example being: sub vs perpetual pricing and features). But this is supposed to be a compliment for a good start not the beginning of a new or continued rant. It might be a Déjà-vu, but I think I already wrote something like this some years ago 🙂
  11. Absolutely, as long as seldom use is not seen as a sign that working on such features is not worth the afford.
  12. Maybe c4d could just fetch the license if it is not used on another computer? If I understand correctly that would solve the problems? I can imagine, that these analytics are very interesting. But it also explains some things for me if you use them as a information what gets used and what not. If you try to determent which features are obsolete, or are not worth improving, because they don't get used. Don't forget, that people just might not use them because they are old and not state of the art anymore. for example pyrocluster. I bet people would love to render nice looking fast fog or clouds, but pyrocluster is appoximately 15 years old and because people don't use a outdated part of c4d doesn't mean that there wouldn't be a demand for a state of the art version. other examples might be thinking particles, teamrender, cloth or sketch and toon. As you know there are quite some parts of the software, that have aged (or are not that good implemented as we are used to from maxon as teamrender) I am quite shure, that Analytics is not the only reason why they don't get love, but just because they don't get used, doesn't mean there wouldn't be a demand.
  13. I hope you make your result public ?! I am quite shure, that there are quite some others that would like to revert the icons.
  14. You are right, the lack of acknowledgement is fueling this discussion. But it hardly can be expected from srek to admit a mistake of the company. That would be the job of the CEO. But we will not see that.
  15. I think that even if R25 would have been packed with the best features and overhauls of old features people still would be bewildered why a UI change like this was necessary. But with it being the main feature the new UI can be as good as it wants to be the perception that maxon doesn't listen to its customers that didn't complain about the UI but about many other things for years persists. some might get the impression, that the UI change was inflated to at least get one major feature into the release. the (maybe necessary) change of the user interface mechanics might have been better received if the old icons where used. Then people would get the chance to at least visually find their way into the new interface.
  16. You are right, that the perseption changes over time, and that statements on Youtube tend to be over the top. I looked for equivalent videos for R21 and before and just could find this one from R19. The statements there tend to be quite a bit friendlier though.
  17. @BoganTW I have the impression, that the perception of the situation of perpetual and subscription, has a lot to do with the history different people have with C4D. Out of curiosity may I ask you how long you use C4D and what version you currently are at? best regards Jops
  18. I think that it is acceptable to charge a small fee. But fist i find the fee to high, second it is just a another treat for the perpetuals. an third: I unfortunately do not believe that this argument is valid. You could senior mangement make do this job, then you can charge even more. 🙂 And The person that sells the license might as well have supported the company for 20 years. But in return doesn't get supported by the company when he wants to maybe sell one of his licenses.
  19. A person in germany earning 6500€ before taxes costs a company in west germany round about 82€/h including all costs for desks, computers, coffee and so on. looks like a lot of work to me when one license swap takes more than 2 hours. Microsoft could dry the swamp of second hand licenses (that they hate) just by inventing such a fee like this. But they might see problems with the right to sell used software in the EU.
  20. I want to support everything you said today. You can express yourself much better than I can in a foreign language. But you nailed it. Thanks
  21. i'm sorry, but this hardly qualifies as a conversation. notification would probably be a more appropriate term. in principle, it confirms my post above. The discussion just knows one direction. Funny how important the vivid community is in the marketing and how unimportant some few guys in there forum bubble are.
  22. maybe I just don't have access to all those MSA customers that where begging for higher perpetual prices, all those users that where fed up with their access to cineversity or those that where screaming for a new UI. as I said before, you are responsible for the reactions of your customers. If you don't like the reactions, then you can change something. But if you don't change anything, don't be upset by the reactions.
  23. Yes, and I have absolutely nothing against you as a private person and I like to look back to this evening. But I have to accept that even though I told you about all this problems and feelings that come up now, right in the beginning, absolutely nothing has changed. You now take 175€ for a perpetual license transition? Look the only person that can change the way your customers feel and therefore react is you. As long as you squeeze them they will squeak. And even though I'm not proud of the tone of my last post, that I wrote while I was tired and hungry. I unfortunately think that it basically is true. And I find this disappointing. I think that giving a hard but honest feedback is much harder than just be cheering, but it never the less is no sign of antipathy. If i wouldn't love C4D and If I haven't met you I might just don't care. But this way I just don't understand. I think and already postet it, that capsules is super promising and I find it very shortsighted by many to not realize that. And I just can imagine what a fight it is to power through the new core and I adore this effort, but I find it hard to understand why it is important to at the same time fight your customers. best regards Jops
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